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    If you were given the choice to live forever but only have enough money to get by or live until you were fifty but have an endless pit of money which would you choose?

    *For me I would have to choose the money. I mean after awhile I think I wold get bored I mead really how many times can you play bingo. I would rather live life in the fast lane. Sure it might be a short trip but it will be one hell of a ride.
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  • View author's info posted on Sep 14, 2006 13:23

    What a tough question! I don't want to live forever because I don't want to end up old, sick and having to depend on strangers or anyone to take care of me. I don't want to die at 50 either because I would love to be around to be a grandmother and see the kids of my young nephews and nieces grow up.

    Both choices suck!! I'll just have to hit the lottery so that I can be rich now and live as long as the Lord allows!!

    Now does anyone have any idea what the winning numbers might be??!!
  • View author's info posted on Sep 04, 2006 02:05

    You only live once. So it would be the money. I would go everywhere and see everything. Also give alot to MDA and organizations like that cause thoughs people especially kids only have a short time. Support Jerry's Kids.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 28, 2006 22:39

    I think I would have to take the CASH. I would hate to out live my loved ones.
    And if I could have that endless pit of money, I surely could make sure my son was well taken care of and need or want for anything in life - but then I would make sure it would go into a trust fun for him - until he finishes college etc.
    Then I could die a happy mommy!! :)
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