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    Hi my name is Richard:love: im 36 an just a teddy bear, I live in the Falls in Ny. I have a lot of love to offer ,an I am a honest,loyal person ,I do not judge people by there their cover but whats in the heart.I love to have comunacation,cuddle,I belive in giving a person a chance no matter what disabilty you might have. Me I do have trobele with spelling. I am looking for a women who is maybe in to bbw, who love to cook, go for walks ,work out ,go on picnics. I am a Scorpio ,I have been told it is the love sign. I know how to romance someone an when I do I know what to do I like a virety of music,I like to play pool and try to play darts too. I like just about any thing in food except spicy foods.I have to be honest that I do not drive because of my size but also because of my reading problem too. I would like to find a women.
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    Welcome to the world :)

    It's good place here, I think you'll enjoy it :)
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