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    This is a poem I wrote after the love of my life left me. Two of my good friends had just started dating and I was soooo jealous!

    I hate seeing them together
    I hate the fullness in their eyes
    I hate everytime they say hello
    And when they kiss goodbye.
    I hate their little 'fights'
    The way they pout and turn away
    I hate to see them make up
    And their 'I love you's' a million times a day.
    I hate it when she's walking by
    And he stops her for a kiss
    I hate my pain, I hate my envy
    And I hate my loneliness.
    I wish that we were still together
    To fill the emptiness in my eyes
    I wish I could hear just one more hello
    And erase that deafening goodbye.
    I would have stopped our little fights
    The way we'd pout and turn away
    But I know now that we'll never make up
    Nor will I hear 'I love you' even once a day
    I hate it when I'm walking by
    And I stop you for a kiss
    Then I wake up, alone once more
    And I hate the loneliness.
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  • View author's info posted on Aug 13, 2005 05:27

    It is never easy.. been there few times.... The only good about all that is .. it made me stronger and more cautious....
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