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    I'm 21 and age to me is just a number, there are just as many women double my age that im attracted to as there are my own age and just speaking from my own experiences older women tend to know what they want and how they want it which is a massive turn on. confedence is key!!!! nothing worse than a melt no matter what their age
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    angel1962 write:
    Ive been chatting to loads of guys who are the same age as my sons, except for 1 they all come accross as friendly witty and some eager, so what im 43 soon to be 44, age dose'nt matter does it!!!!!!
    what do you think?

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    no age does not matter i am 28 and dated ladys in there 50s and think its wonderful to not let age get in the way of any thing
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    If attraction comes from both sides and you still have lots to talk about after sex, then great!
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    I'm the reverse of what you ladies are. I'm the younger woman to the older man.
    I honestly don't think age matters as long as it doesn't matter to the two people involved and everyone acts mature. I know when I'm with my guy I tend to act older (not in a phony way) and he acts youngers (but not in a bad, immature way). We compliment each other.
    In regards to age mattering, I have had some people question why I'm going out with him if he's 15 years older and I am in fact closer in age to his daughters than him, but to be honest, I love him, and that's all that matters, right?

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