Seduction and Sensuality VS. Pick Up Lines and a Quickie Romance

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    I am on a few different BBW dating sites, and I have talked to some great guys, but sometimes I find myself wondering... doesn't anyone seduce a woman anymore? I am so tired of pick up lines and the same sexual comments all the time lol. I think I should be coaching men on the art of seduction.. because it is indeed an art. I have talked to 2 men who really had the kind of finesse I am talking about. I am a woman who wants to connect on more than just a sexual level, and I don't think I am alone in this. But even if I was only looking for a sexual relationship, I think it is still important to show a little class, have some patience and seduce a woman instead of verbally humping her leg lol. Call me old fashioned, but I think the art of seduction involves subtlety and a soft touch as opposed to a "wham bam, thank you m'am attitude". Show me a man who can tantalize my mind, and I will show you a man who might just spend some quality time with this amazon lol. Any other ladies out there feel the same way???

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    If you want me, come and claim me ;)
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    Hi Amazonblonde35! Great topic. While I wouldn't claim to have any great skills or experience with seduction, the attempt seems to be important. It's a great way to express the excitement, the burning curiosity and the dizzying nerves involved. Would love to chat with you somemore in the near future.


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