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    It's funny how many guys have told me how they admire a BBW/SSBBW's build and want to be with a BBW/SSBBW...but these same self-proclaimed admirers don't want to be seen in public with one. It's like they're afraid to 'out' themselves as a FA.

    There have been guys I dated who were very nice men, but I had to stop dating them because they never ever wanted to be with me in public (I don't care how great of a guy he is, I refuse to be treated as if I'm some shameful secret).

    CALLING ALL FA's: Come out of the FA closet, already! :-) Wouldn't it be great to be dating us instead of just darting sidelong looks at us (and making us wonder whether you're about to steal something)?

    Okay, sure-- your friends, family, co-workers ARE going to tease you about this. Newsflash: you can tease them back about their own personal preferences, too! If you play you cards right, after they're done teasing you, they'll likely start setting you up with their BBW/BHM/SSBBW family members and friends.

    Yes, you're going to get some stares in public. It comes with the package. But YOU are the one who gives others qeues on how to behave. Act like a cowed dog & they'll make mean remarks. If you show that you're proud, or happy, to be with that BBW/BHM, you're going to get far more positive responses.

    Why make a big deal out of liking bigger people? Come on out, the air's a lot fresher here. ;-)
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    I wonder if the ones you dated were more afraid of a commitment rather than being seen with you in public. I have seen many BBWS and SSBBWS and their spouses shopping at local stores. I have an idea they had a fear of a lasting relationship.
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    Amen honey!
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