Note to single women..DO a back ground check on people meet on here before meeting in person Family

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    I don't know how many other people had had this problem. You start talking to a guy, you are being honest, you think he is then BAM he unloads a crap load of info on you that he some child sex offender, Speaking from experience, Women do back ground checks if you can, Same goes for you men... If you become serious about someone on here, before you meet them. Lucky for me I didn't let him meet my children.
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    I know exactly what you're saying about trusting Police Officers, i dated a Police officer, for about 6 months before accidently becoming pregnant, it was only after I told him i was expecting our child that he told me he was already married and had 2 children. He has only ever seen my daughter once, he refuses point blank to have anything to do with us. Maybe i was a little naive or maybe just too trusting, when alls said and done if you can't trust a police officer who can you trust ?

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    ClsyTxGirl write:
    And my strong response I just posted in regards to a woman asking what we thought about putting up childrens pictures on our profiles is validated by this posting. Thank you for posting this, unfortunately people are sometimes just too trusting!

    Think smart and have no regrets!


    Hi, and thanks for your response to my post. Actually, I think I worded my post wrong! :) I wasn't asking people's opinions of having my child's pic in my profile...I was asking people's opinions about what had been said to me. The guy said, "Stop cutting your kid out of the pictures, are you ashamed of her? Are you trying to say that you are willing to put dating above her?" I don't think I got my question out right...Does anyone think that by cutting out pictures of your child/ren that it makes you look like a bad parent, or that you are ashamed of them? (None of my profile pics have my child in them.)
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    I've never had that happen before. But I have met someone mentally ill. Can be just as bad. You can only do a background check on someone if you know their name. Am I right? Gives alot of good info.
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    There are no guarentee's. Even background checks dont catch the ones who know how NOT to get caught, or worse... are 'above' the law.

    My Ex was a Forensic Scientist for the State Police. He touched my daughter, and was allowed to go free. The worst he got was losing his job, but he still walks the street. His background check was pristine. You tell your children as they grow up to trust our law enforcement. When in trouble, call the officials and they will be there for you, to protect you, save you, take you to safety, etc.

    This is one subject I never thought I would have to apologize to my children for being wrong about.

    Of course, not all cops are bad. My point is... regarding the background checks... You just NEVER know!
    Getting to know your mate well and not jumping into things is your best bet. Keep the kids out of it until your certain and feel "right" about making the blend. Thats the best advice I can give.
  • View author's info posted on Apr 07, 2006 15:56

    But as we all know, or have read...Paedophiles are devious, they get to know a mum and a family, they gain trust, and that, in turn leads to them being able to gain access to the kids. I do find it hard to believe that a sex offender, would come out n say it..But, saying that...It boils down to safety again...Yours and your families...It just pays to be wary and sensible?
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    Unfortunately, websites such as this one cannot afford to run a background search on everyone who joins. It is just too expensive and would raise the cost of the site up to $40 a month. That's why some of the others cost so much. I think the responsibility falls on each of us to be cautious on an individual basis. Use common sense. Do not give out personal details too soon. If you have young children, guard their privacy. After talking to someone, find out their full name and the state they live in. You can then go online and do a search in the sex offenders registry to see if they are a sex offender. Just be smart about it and keep your guard up in the beginning. If the person is on the up and up, then they will not mind you doing some kind of check on them and should provide you with the necessary information. It is awful that something like this happens and I am so sorry you had to go through it.
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    Cathii, you seem to think that this is a funny situation, for your info I did report it. I may have explained it wrong. You and like everyone pay a membership fee... they tell you that they will look at your profile and then let you know if its approved. You have to put in your legal info for them to bill you. When they do that approving stage. That's when they should do the back ground check. I bet you wouldn't be making up noxious remarks if this had happen to you
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    Wow that's really creepy and could have turned out allot worse..Good for you that you found out before hand..But how do you do a background check?? Not like most guys are going to volunteer.. All there personal info for it..Unless all you need is a name but even so.. I could call myself any name I liked.. And you wouldn't know any better..Ekk just another scary thought..
  • View author's info posted on Mar 22, 2006 20:30

    And my strong response I just posted in regards to a woman asking what we thought about putting up childrens pictures on our profiles is validated by this posting. Thank you for posting this, unfortunately people are sometimes just too trusting!

    Think smart and have no regrets!

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