WHOA!! i get down sometimes bout this too.. Lonely Hearts Post Ur Thoughts Here... Forward to friends

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    how about we build a life for ourselves instead of stewing over not having the soulmate yet?
    look, build YOU up, take class's, learn stuff, READ!! draw! travel! work!! eventualy you won't be so focused on the lacking-ness in your life. and diggit, when YOU are ready for love, and can truly accept it, it will present itself.
    geesh..i was reading the topics in this area..GRR!! scary bit that!
    the only people who will be attracted to someone putting the "i'm so unloved" vibe out will be the pervs and abusers...
    if nothing else love y'self and most will love you to. seriously..sounds trite but i've found it to be more true than not.
    *HUG* to you all!!
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    hope u enjoyed ur birthday dont let men get u down honey i have only been single for a year and yes i am only 21 but i know how it feels to be the only one with out a date to partties, weddings etc infact i didn't have a date for my 21st and my graduation ball is in march and i have to invite a friend instead of a fella but i know i will enjoy it nether the less, hold ur head up high and have the attitude i may be single but i am a whole lot of woman with a great personality and then maybe u wont feel and maybe wont be so alone! or thats worked for me anyway not saying its a miricle cure but hey it has to be worth trying right?
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    My message was not meant as anything but a positive inspiration.. and I have walked a mile in different shoes..my life hasnt always been as good as it is now....matter of fact most of my 50 years has been spent trying to get where I am right now. My point is..I havent given up!
    Bubble.. Happy Birthday!!
    Good luck to all HUGS
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    WHOA!! HAPPY 50th!!!
    *sheepish shrug* what can i say? it's how i feel. YOU seem to be an allright together lady..all i have to say is sometimes *many not all!!* American men are doo-doo heads!! the vast majority want the slim actress. why? i dunno..one of my fiance's told me "skinny girls? don't like em..it's like F***ing a pile of coat hangers"
    i tell you now..there will be one man that will find you...one who will treasure you as the Gem you are!!!!
    yeah..i suppose it's nice to have someplace to come and vent. i just think there are so many that just have the "Princess/sleeping beauty/cinderella" syndrome. that if they sit and wait that prince charming will come for em..not gonna happen.
    well, anyway have a Happy Bday!!
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    Happy Happy 50th Bubble!! I too will be 50 (on the 26th) this month and for me it is a very big deal...... but a good one. I have decided that turning 50 is a milestone for me to be free. Free to do what ever I choose and not worry about what any one else thinks. As long as I am not hurting anyone else .... I will do exactly what I want. I have been alone for a yr now... and have dated a couple guys (3) and they are all great guys.... and maybe one is the one ... don't know yet but am not gonna worry about it.... just going to enjoy life....... and all it has to offer. Maybe I should do the red hat thing too? Hmmmmm could be interesting.....
    Best wishes to all and especially to u Bubble.......... smiles, me
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    Until you've walked a mile in my shoes...
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    Bubbleblower....let me wish you a very happy birthday for next week.
    There is no justice in the world. I just read your profile & you sound like a fantastic person.
    And to all you guys who are moaning on here that women don't like BIG MEN, this lovely lady does!!
    I really hope that your half-century is a turning point for you, and I hope you have a ball on your birthday.

    Jack x x
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    i'm sooo tired of all the same old cliches. i DO live the life i want; and do the things i want...alone.. i'm NOT on hold waiting for mr. right... its not like i have a choice.. i HAVE to do the things i like alone, because there is nobody there....and , no, actively pursuing my life has not made "someone show up when you least expect it" that is SUCH trite old crap. i have accomplished a lot.. yet i'm STILL alone. i go where i want and do what i like... yet there's no magic "someone will notice you" there's just me... single... alone... as always. i'm outgoing and upbeat; i'm smart, charming, and witty.... does that matter? NOT A FREAKIN" BIT!!! my 50th birthday is next week.. it only feels like a benchmark of being just as alone as i was at 15... i will go on being who i am... its not a choice issue... but i have no expectation that i'll ever be anything but alone. and as i have for the last 50 years, i''l go to my party single... still thinking with adolsecent hopelessness that "maybe next year i'll have a date!" for new years, for halloween, for 4th of july.. it doesn't matter... i'll still be alone and single. the stupid part is that for some reason i can't just learn to accept it and stop feeling lonely. you'd think by this point in my life i'd know better....
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    You were so bang on Scarlett!!

    When I stopped stressing out about how badly my life was going..and focused on improving and accepting myself as is..things turned around for me.. and yes.. love did present itself.. WOW.!!
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