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    Ladies and Gentlemen....We are in a society that looks down upon us "fat" gals. All I can ask is why? Who would want to look at a model or even a regular person so small and skinny that they show bones....I don't know about you but I thought bones were for dogs. BBW and SSBW ladies are definately not dogs. We each have our own beauty whether it be with our bodies, minds or both. Sexiness is a feeling from within...if you feel sexy you will look sexy. Soft curves, huggable, kissable, attractiveness...those are just some of the special attributes of the BBW/SSBBW woman. I am proud of my curves, looks and sexiness.....hope to find a special guy one day who will love them too. Ladies and those BBW/SSBBW admirers have a wonderful day!! ***In my pic I am the one with short hair in the front.

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    Society does not denigrate BBw's. The negative attitudes that some BBW's show in some of these forums is an indication of no self esteem. Go shopping you will notice that there a myriad of different shapes and sizes in this world of ours. You will find very few Barby and Kens together. You might think What does she see in him or what made him pick her? You are attractive. Your search will come to an end. Do not give up on yourself. You will find your mate. God bless and take care.
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