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    This whole thing made me think of an article published by JAMA that said something along the lines of "300,000 people die every year due to weight related issues." So all these anti-fat groups started saying that being fat (or complications from) kills 300,000 people every year, when actually if they read the article, they would see that only 20,000 of these deaths were from people considered "overweight" while the rest were from complications from being underweight/anorexic/bulimic/etc. Also JAMA said that it is healthier to be overweight than what is currently considered to be "average".
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    Thank You RockinChickbbw. I must say that I sometimes think about it and debate between health and my fascination with the beauty that I find in being excessively obese.
    Can't make up my mind.
    Same for Julian, although unlike me her weight has been pretty stable lately.
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    Hey Pink Penguin, I appreciate your concerns about my health as well of that of other morbidly large people. I must admit that my escessive weight can impair me at times, especially since I've gotten a lot heavier in the last year. However the truth remains that I actually enjoy being this fat and I don't mind getting even fatter. A little over a year ago I was 435, I'm now between 500 and 520ish but I still can walk a couple hours a day.
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    A body can and should as in it is made to only hold so much weight.. And function in a healthy some what normal state.. Not to mention the mental burdens of being servery over weight.. Being that I mean 100 pounds or more..Any one that tells you it Doesn't affect them.. In that way is not being completely honest maybe even with them selves.. You can say I'm brain washed all you like.. But now at my current weight of over 300 pounds.. I can feel it's to much for my body to carry.. I can feel the health issues setting in.. It's bringing along with it that weren't there before.. I don't need any doctor to tell me.. I have a great self image to so plz.. don't say I'm just saying this because I want to fit in or anything like that.. I use to weigh less but never under the 200 mark.. For as long as I can remember now I use to be much more active.. But then the extra weight came on.. And now I have health issues.. So yes I would say weight can bring health issues for sure.. Any one who ignores that is playing a very dangerous game with there life...Obesity it's self is not a disease no..But at a certain level it brings health issues with it..That's not brain washing that's just fact.. I personaly belive its called MORBID obesity for a reason..And any one who would alow some one they really cared about.. To ever get over the 500 pound mark is not really.. Looking out for that persons best intrests.. Just my opinion from a person who's going thu it...
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    Hey Ivy StClair,
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only guy around here into large women.
    All my 'large' dates where very healthy, considering their size and my new girlfriend is even healthier despite her 465 pounds, and that doesn't make docs too happy. She doesn't fit but so what?
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    I totally agree with the last two comments.
    I'm 41 years old and now over 500 pounds but wear it well and walk a couple hours almost everyday. Yes I walk slowly and now have to use a cane but I still get around no problem.
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    Agreement with Bucky as well.

    Fat, in and of itself, doesn't CAUSE health problems...lifestyle does. When we assume the lifestyle of a fat person, we are doing a diservice to them and ourselves.

    And I do believe that in MOST cases, people who are 600 lbs dieted themselves up to that weight. Yo-yoing is what causes the damage to the heart, metabolism, etc...not being fat.

    If we didn't feel such pressure to be thin and worked at just being fit and healthy at the size we are, we would be better off.

    I just don't think that we should make blanket statements about fat and health.
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    Healthy comes in all sizes. So does unhealthy.
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    Maybe I am misunderstanding you? Are you actually trying to say that weighing 600 is healthy?! Maybe the question, then, is what do you consider healthy? Is health determined by how much we weigh or what our cholesterol is or or blood pressure? I don't weigh HALF of what your girlfriends weigh and I am more fatigued and physically limited the higher my weight goes. Let me tell you what healthy means to me. Healthy, to me, is being able to walk wherever I want, working a 12 hour day on my feet and not being in constant pain and playing with my son instead of watching him play. And I know that you mentioned that we are a society of people brainwashed against obesity and that fat storage is a devine survival fuction, but with that being said, why, then, aren't all people in cultures that celebrate obesity over 600 pounds? The answer is that even they have a limit. No body stores that much fat on it's own. So is pushing your body to an extreme because you find it aesthetically pleasing healthy? And do we even consider the emotional health of a person who desires such obesity? As for your opinion of doctors, I believe that for every doctor who lies to you for personal gain, there is another who genuinely wants what's best for you. In my opinion, a doctor that tells a 600 pound person to lose weight is just doing his job. Eating enough to maintain that weight IS unhealthy! But, like the last girl said, this is MY take on it as an obese person.
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