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Be very, very careful ladies
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Posted on Tue, Jun 19, 2012 15:14

I thought I'd smell as scammer easily but alas have not.  Ladies be warned, they're aplenty on this site as they are on all sites.
Being a new member here perhaps made me vulnerable but I have now had some intensive training in scammers.  Over the last few days have had to involve the police, suspend my bank accounts and generally get smart really fast.
DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT engage in online chatting as I believe this is how they get into your computer.
If there is someone on LF who contacts you or you are interested in, first, do some internet checking.  Had I done this I would have learned a few things.  Check out scammers busting websites such as Pigbusters; two of the men were on there.  I googled the other one and he had several profiles, or stolen them, either way, not legitimate.
The photos on Pigbusters are not the real scammers, but stolen.  Worth checking to see if you recognise someone so that they can be warned or if photo of your scammer.
Appalled and shocked at how prevalent the scammers are I share this information in the hope that others will take this seriously.

  1. Review/google/do all you can to check out someone before having any direct interaction;
  2. Do not use live chats - these are where they may infect your computer;
  3. Do not give out your email address. Even though it takes longer to go through LF, worth using this until you are sure you can trust the person (but then how do you really know?);
  4. Stay cautious.  When you check Pigbusters you will see the language they use; the poor English even though they will often tell you English is their first language;
  5. Try and get as much information about them as possible and look for inconsistencies.  My alarm bells rang when one had two star signs but couldn't tell me which one was real.  Idiot.  Every question they ask you, turn it into a question back to them without answering;
  6. Once more - do not give out personal information.  Get their phone number first and call from a blocked number.  If they are not prepared to talk then get suspicious;
  7. If you must email directly (please don't), then set up a fake ID account and follow all security measures within the site;
  8. Have a top of the range Antivirus and firewall and check every day - although if the US government can be hacked, how vulnerable are we?
  9. Good luck being your own advocate and investigator.

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Posted on Sat, Jul 27, 2013 19:14

There isn't a week that goes by that I don't get contacted by a scammer. Just today I had a call from one. I said I loved his brown eyes, yet the picture he posted had the clearest blue eyes ever. He says thank you it runs in the family. And he said this in the most pronounced accent.
It has gotten to the point that I can pick them out with the first or second message. Yes be careful, check their picture (copy the pictures to your PC) download to "Google Image" search. Most will appear with the picture that was stolen from another person. This applies to both males and females. The sad part about my experiences is that I am contacted mostly from scammers. Does my face say I am a desperate snooke, If they only knew who I am. 

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Posted on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 06:54

to killbillmel
Glad you are looking after yourself.  Thanks for posting and I hope other women are taking note.  Had a female member contact me today and each username she provided for review came up scammer worthy.
Take a good look at each word they write and each question they answer - the clues are there. 
Let's out the beasts.  Largefriends staff - again I request that you make the usernames of scammers available for member review.

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Posted on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 16:55

I am a new member on here and I would like to take the time to thank you for warning me want might happen on here If there was more people like you on all sites it would be great its stopping vunrable honest people from having there lives destroyed thank you xx

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Posted on Wed, Aug 01, 2012 16:35

I am so sorry you were a victim of scammers, I do think we should all be aware of the people doing this, and I will be asking you for the names.

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Posted on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 14:03

I hope women have taken note of my advice. I have asked LargeFriends in several emails to find a way to make this site safer.
Every man who made contact with me, or who I have contacted, has been found to be a scammer. There are clear indicators for most although some are a little more intelligent than many and can make you think they are the real thing.
But I have had enough of wasting my time trying to filter out the good from the bad.
I have asked LF to offer a list of confirmed scammers so others will know. They have not. As scammers will be grooming more than one of us at a time even if they have their profile taken down you won't necessarily know the truth.
IF YOU WANT TO ASK ME the usernames of the ones I know please email me and ask.
I have also asked LF to take down my profile as a result of the scammers. But at least this will stay in the forum for others to see.
Sisters need to help each other...if there are any real mean out there feel free to make comment or contact.

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