Venue to be promiscious DATING

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    One could say the same thing about many of the men on the dating sites as well. As I perused the profiles that matched my criteria and in my state many of them openly admitted to wanting intimate encounters with a fat woman or just a quick fling. It's hard to find quality people. I suppose it's best that they be up front and honest about what they are looking for though.
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    I have almost 100 nicks on my chat list but they are all friends who I have meet in the process of looking for Mr. Right. Out of all of those nicks I bet I have met NO MORE than 5 of them in person over coffee or less.
    They are not what I am looking for or I am not who they are looking for but we are still friends.

    Each day when I check my email it is nice to open up my messenger and get a Good Morning or two.

    Every day after work it is nice to get a, "hello, how was your day".

    Maybe after dinner and a little New/TV I might log on to play a game so I can pass that last solemn hour of the day and it is nice when one of my friends gives me a type written shout.

    Does this mean I am not able to entertain Mr. Right properly if he should show up?
    * Looking at watch
    Hey , he is LATE ! What am I supposed to do in the mean time ? BEcome a hermit?
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    If you mean the ladies you're chatting to are chatting to other guys, well a woman's allowed male friends too you know!

    Also a lot of people chat to a few people at first as friends and then maybe out of that group of friends, something more special will develop with one of them.

    It just takes a bit of honesty on both sides, if I get closer to someone and we start a relationship, then I'd let people know about it and I hope I could stil be friends with everyone else. Likewise, if a woman that I find myself liking more and more suddenly told me she'd found a guy, then that's just life and sometimes you miss the boat and just have to wait til another one comes along! Have a bit of patience, talk things through if you have concerns and hopefully you'll find someone. But remember, someone you're just chatting to as friends owes you nothing really, but it IS common courtesy to let someone know if you get a better offer. Unfortunately there are a handful of people, male and female that do try and play the field though but I like to think that 99.9% of us who use the forums are good genuine people. I can look at the who's online list and tell who some of the players are now. In the last few days, I've seen someone who wants a guy with lots of money and another woman who "loves to talk dirty", they're not genuine in my opinion so I steer clear of them. In this relationship/dating thing, you're gonna take a few bumps along the way but NEVER give up my friend and then someone good will come along. Good luck!
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    Chanwaray- this is very interesting. First let me say that you are certainly very handsome and if my daughter wasnt happily married I would have emailed her your profile.( Since you are younger than the man I am seeking) (Do you have an older brother???? More serious than joking there) But with all of the posts I have read from lots of the women here this is really a surprise to me. I think if you hang in there Ms Right will make herself known to you. There seem to be lots of women that seek the real type of relationship it appears you are looking for. Best of luck to you in your search! And boy what I wouldn't give to turn back time, lolololol......
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