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  • View author's info Author Posted on Jun 21, 2006 at 06:03 PM

    It's common to hear about how many skinny men are attracted to larger women.....

    How about the smaller women who are attracted to the larger guys?

    Why does that seem to be a smaller group?

    Discuss! :)

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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 28, 2006 at 03:51 PM

    At 6'4" and 270lbs, I would certainly think that you are a strong man. I would also think that a man who was 6'4" and 200lbs strong also. But you would be considered the teddy bear because you would feel nicer to cuddle with. Also, big men like yourself who have a gentle nature are considered teddy bears too. All that braun and gentleness too will make a woman...uh, swoon.

    Just my take on the subject.
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 24, 2006 at 04:21 AM

    Cat is right. It is the "teddybear factor". Along with them wanting to feel safe in a way with a bigger guy. I'm not small by no means. [6'4" 270lbs] and I hear the same thing from every girl. "Your such a teddybear".

    I guess we are supposed to be and strong :)
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 22, 2006 at 03:21 PM

    Big guys and little women... it's the in thing (I swear, I heard it on some news show this morning)! Don't you watch 'According to Jim' or 'King of Queens'? Both of these guys are not slim to say the least, but have wives that are toothpicks. And just because I'm using television as a reference, it doesn't mean it isn't true in real life also. I work in an industry where I see couples all the time that, by societies standards, don't seem to 'go' together. But thank god for free will and an open mind.
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 21, 2006 at 07:10 PM

    First of all, I don't think it's all that "common" to find thin fellas attracted to large ladies. Society is much harder on females in terms of shape than they are of men! Lop off the fetishists and those hunting what they perceive as an easy lay, and I'd imagine it's an equally sized "group" - gal wants teddybear kinda thing. You could have three heads and there will be someone out there that thinks that you're the best thing ever ... it's finding (and liking?) that person that proves difficult. We could all have standard, government issued bodies and still not find people we're nuts about. That's the rub!
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