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    Love Yourself

    we learn from lifes mistakes, but must realize life
    goes on and let it. not forgiving others as well as
    forgiving yourself is usually what holds us back from
    living our life as who we are really meant to be.
    acting like someone we're not. hesitating on your own
    thoughts and beliefs. being afraid of change.
    feeling out of the norm. not believing in your own
    desires. if you can't be yourself, who are you?
    what's the point of living? why exist? what
    difference do i make? nobody will
    miss me. i don't love myself, how can anyone else?
    i can't make it on my own.
    You are the most important person in 'Your' life.
    You don't exist exclusively for someone else,
    You exist because You are who You are.
    don't let someone else make you believe you that You are worthless.
    only You can choose to take the steps You do.
    it's all up to You.
    I believe in the love my heart feels. I belive I can wake up. I
    believe I can make it to work. I believe I can make a
    difference. I believe I can accomplish anything. I
    belive I can make it up the hill. I believe this day
    will come to an end. I believe I will see tomorrow.
    I believe I will make some wrong turns, but way more right turns.
    I believe the dawn will light My way and help lead Me
    down that road called life.

    Love Yourself no matter what!

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