Sweets My favorite date ideas

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  • PinkCupCakez714 ( 28 / W / Buena Park, CA )

    Nice dinner ,a romantic walk on the beach filled with sexy kisses

  • cute1964 ( 51 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    keep it simple like go for dinner so we can talk get know each other and then go for walk so get to know each other even more if not to let maybe go to a movie

  • Goofyme123 ( 22 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    Simple and sweet romantic thoughtful.

  • branly ( 22 / M / Sicklerville, NJ )

    Just somewhere we can have fun and get to know each other, maybe get some coffee, or hot chocolate (not much of a coffee person)

  • yankeesgirl ( 42 / W / Carson City, NV )

    Perfect first date is to meet somewhere calm and not to crowded where we can just talk the night away and get to know each other.

  • buddyluve4u ( 21 / M / Fulton, NY )

    lots of junk food and fun i like junk lol very much

  • doubledutch88 ( 45 / W / Janesville, WI )

    anywhere that dose not require running shoes.

  • silliman90220 ( 49 / M / Compton, CA )

    Talking about family friends dreams and ambitions over a chocolate vanilla shake and a big ugly Burger!!!

  • seeseeme ( 66 / M / House Springs, MO )

    Meet at bar or coffee shop, talk and share likes and dislikes.

  • bbwlover017 ( 21 / M / Cave City, KY )

    feeding you junk food making you fatter like a fat pig or a fat cow then i will jiggle your fat belly and tell uou are a fat cow and i love fat cows

  • Maitomies ( 24 / M / Vantaa, Etela-Suomen Laani )

    Hang out. Watch a movie and eat

  • MzThickALious ( 53 / W / Gulfport, MS )

    My ideal first date with my match/friend is in very nice restaurant where we can sit next to each other and talk and enjoy each other company..then afterward we could go see a movie or take a nice stroll on the beach and  more>>

  • imahitit ( 38 / M / Patterson, NY )

    I would love to go get.some.chocolate covered strawberrys and bring you back to my place for the dessert

  • noturtypocial ( 30 / W / New York, NY )

    first date would to go to a pastry shop sit and talk then maybe site see a little then drinks

  • fattenherup159 ( 22 / M / Bronx, NY )

    I will keep the girl(s) in my house and fatten them up I will buy a shit of junk food for them and let and me stuff their faces and watch their bellies get fatter.