First Date Ideas

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  • lottypop ( 47 / W / Pineville, NC )

    I game for any of the above. Brunch movie cafe. Doesnt matter as long as we are enjoying each others company.

  • miranda55 ( 25 / W / Burlington, ON )

    I would love something fun and spontaneous something that is very interesting.

  • Diesel_K ( 26 / M / Summerville, SC )

    Something quiet so we could get to know each other. Maybe a walk in the beach or a trip downtown to walk the battery and what not.

  • Ageless ( 21 / M / Madison, WI )

    Getting lost together and just getting to know one another.

  • TheGentleman21 ( 24 / M / Woodbridge, VA )

    A relaxing evening at this waterfall place that I have private access to and we would chat and connect and let the rest flow :)

  • sweetkisses84 ( 38 / W / Harvey, LA )

    Walk in the park candle light dinner go to the movies cuddle

  • bigjim4858 ( 38 / M / Pawtucket, RI )

    Go for a drink or go bowling or go to the beach

  • plushbaby18 ( 21 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Carriage rides walks in the park by the canal moonlight dinner out side

  • whatsgoodkid ( 34 / M / Black River Falls, WI )

    Trully freestlye plus a date where i came from we just partied so i guess i would let the lady choose besides im not picky plus down to earth

  • nariz_69 ( 38 / M / Garland, TX )

    We can go somewhere exciting and different

  • Tay_91 ( 38 / M / Washington, DC )

    My first date idea is sitting a home watching a movie or two. If not dat we can go some were and just walk and talk to get to know each other better.

  • Chevy_babe15 ( 38 / M / Hanover Park, IL )

    I'm not sure, I would be willing to do anything my mate would be interested in, Dave and buster, or out for a movie and in for dinner?

  • bashful95821 ( 41 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    We would meet in a public area talk and maybe go fo or a walk and see what we do next..dinner or a movie..

  • doodle36 ( 37 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    Go to dinner and then dancinging all night. Then a mid night wallk

  • Enigma007 ( 23 / M / Lumberton, NC )

    start off with breakfast and then a tour of the island. next we stop at a couple of towns and watch some awesome dancing, and may even join them then head in cab to lunch next relax seaside while getting massagess as the  more>>