Culinary Adventures

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  • femfeederextra ( 35W / Brooklyn, NY )


    Dinner and dancing. Picnic in the park. Barcade for a round of Ms. Pacman. Whatever works for the season. Sushi, High Tea or some independent playhouse. Somewhere we can talk, grab a drink or look at art.

  • sdmeyers7171 ( 37M / Rogers, MN )


    Going out to dinner and see were the night brings us!

  • Mellycat ( 30W / Delta, BC )


    A meal at a nice local japanese restaurant and a walk together by the water (local river or beach)

  • mrjohnson2001 ( 41M / Enumclaw, WA )


    home cooked meal soft music buy fire place or candle light

  • iam4eva ( 28M / Moreno Valley, CA )


    Im adventurous so I am usually ready for anything.

  • jeffu86 ( 27M / Sequim, WA )


    Go have dinner, some drinks maybe a walk and get to know one another?

  • BarmanAl ( 32M / Upwey, Victoria )


    A tour of all of our favorite little places in the city, then a lovely dinner and see where we go from there :)

  • obhyone2000 ( 38M / foggia, Puglia )


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  • azzkr1 ( 45M / Brooklyn, NY )


    pick a nice steak house that serves a mean salad and enjoy eachothers company

  • Sungirl12 ( 34W / Las Vegas, NV )


    My ideal date would be a nice dinner for 2 then afterwards go for a walk in the park. But my favorite foods are Mediteerran and chinese. Love sushi the most. What type of date would you like to do??

  • dat504dude ( 39M / Conyers, GA )


    meet for lunch, talk, laugh and just have fun.

  • JRwithIT ( 27M / Los Angeles, CA )


    First we walk hallwood walk talk grab something tha eat . Take you to a scary move so u grab all on me make me scared drop all the popcorn LOL..zyc just have fun

  • Strider7243 ( 38M / Allen, TX )


    Cooking a wonderful meal while sipping in some nice wine, amazing conversation, maybe a movie... whatever else that feels right.

  • Ox_151 ( 25M / Minneapolis, MN )


    Doing something different. I want to go sky diving

  • RiciGold ( 42M / Burbank, CA )


    We meet at Delli. have romantic diner