Walking or Hiking

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  • mayaflower (42W/Rapid City, SD)


    I like the idea of a candlelight dinner and then a walk where there are trees and water. I know the perfect place in Rapid City for this. If this is too much for the first meeting I am open to idea's. I'm a very open min  more>>

  • rocman1 (36M/New York, NY)


    A nice walk and talk about me and hear

  • JRepp86 (28M/Malden, MA)


    For a first date i would want to talk and get to know eachother. So I would take a walk at night on the beach or someplace we could see the stars real good. After that we could go out for drinks or a bite to eat.

  • danny_boy (36M/Berryville, AR)


    A trip to the lake or river. i like outdoors.

  • Sub4bbws2000 (24M/Ocean City, MD)


    Any park near by with trails. Could be on the beach. Find a nice place to sit and talk.

  • Will take her to the beach for a late night stroll

  • MizzDez (22W/Plano, TX)


    I dont know that would have to.depend on the other person.

  • Mandingo555 (31M/Reading, PA)


    I would like to laugh and have fun stress free and would like to get to know each other

  • LaseringRandy (39M/Edgewood, MD)


    I've done the same old same old as many of you have. I thinking to try something new like a walk on a board walk with some coffee.

  • krystal312000 (32W/Plain, WI)


    Campfire 4-wheelers and stars :) not much just a comfortable environment for both

  • Bluesman2050 (33M/East Brunswick, NJ)


    I don't especially care where the first date is, as long as there is an opportunity for conversation.

  • swoe18 (36M/Albany, NY)


    It would be to a movie or have a dinner at a restauraunt or take a walk in a park and cuddle

  • coco46 (36M/Dalkeith, Scotland - Midlothian)


    Walk a long the beach, pub lunch

  • en enkel promenad räcker för att prata lite och bilda sig en uppfattning och känna om det klickar...

  • mousetrap_2626 (36M/Mesa, AZ)


    Boat rental out at the lake for a nice picnic