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  • CurvyCutieAZ (32W/Tucson, AZ)


    A nice picnic. The weather is great this time of year.

  • ksgreeneyes85 (28W/Lawrence, KS)


    I like the idea of a lunch date for the first date because it's low key and if you decide there's no chemistry you're only there for an hour.

  • To have lunch somewhere that has a relaxed atmoshere. Then after take a walk and talk.

  • Rebex76 (38W/Rio Rancho, NM)


    I would love to meet for dinner or lunch to kinda get to know each other first. Talking on the phone or through text first can help break the ice

  • groovingurly (28W/Orem, UT)


    We meet, get food, then commence with the talking. In my opinion, and from what I've read on the internet, first dates are not unlike a job interview. We're trying to figure out if we "click" enough to merit future dates  more>>

  • ideal31 (35M/Casper, WY)


    Get past the first meeting awkwardness haha, then talk a little, laugh a lot and see where it leads after that!

  • Andy_Druid_6669 (23M/Marion, OH)


    Have a long conversation 2 getting 2 know my first and how they r 4 a reason 2 being with them.

  • beulah (38W/Houma, LA)


    Well a place where u can get to know one other better

  • Teddybear42 (43M/Watertown, NY)


    Maybe a Movie or some place to eat and get to know one another better

  • adambeavers08 (29M/Wichita Falls, TX)


    Maybe go to a dinner or a movie or just hang out and talk and get to know each other

  • mousears (71W/Quartzsite, AZ)


    Let's meander around Quarzsite, browsing the swap meets, then stop for a bite at "Silly Al's"--their pizzas are awesome!

  • michellesharee (22W/Denton, TX)


    Anything we agree on other than a movie, who wants to sit and be quiet the first time meeting someone lol let's talk and get to know eachother :)

  • heybeautiful66 (48W/Bluffton, SC)


    I would enjoy a nice walk in the park for our first date in order too get to know one another.

  • chris792002 (34W/Bakersfield, CA)


    Anywhere we feel comfortable getting to know each other ad having a good time n each others company

  • prettyinferno (29W/Jonesboro, GA)


    Nice dinner out, and then a walk around a park or Going to Dave and busters to play games and have dinner.