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  • fluffywrench (21M/Hemet, CA)


    Maybe meet for a drink get to know each other in person.

  • niknak8655 (22M/Catterick Garrison, England - Yorkshire)


    Drinks or coffee something to start off then build on that

  • ladyveesp (21W/Egham, England - Surrey)


    I am a huge fan of happy hour. Take me out and let's talk

  • sabrina11 (37W/Mayview, MO)


    Just meeting and getting the hard part over with!

  • Kcphoto (44W/Winston Salem, NC)


    Cute bistro hidden in Kville. Great food/tapas & wine. Nice quiet place to slow down, meet, & talk.

  • kirsti74 (40W/Gloucester, England - Gloucestershire)


    Some where in the country for a nice chat

  • Danyyelll (21W/Gainesville, VA)


    I'd really like to talk and text first to see if we have things in common and if the conversation flows then I could see the first date going out for coffee or meeting up for dinner and go for a drink after! I'm an easy  more>>

  • First date would be a drink in the city or something more interesting and fun let's see how it goes then decide

  • sunryz (49W/Las Vegas, NV)


    Coffee... Drinks over a game of pool... Dinner mad a movie... Give me some ideas - I'm open to suggestions...

  • kitty_suxx (18W/Guildford, England - Surrey)


    Drinks, ice cream, beach, more drinks, I really love drinks.

  • BlueHeaven7 (36W/Vallejo, CA)


    I don't drink but I am not opposed to meeting at a bar. Ideally something casual and fun where we can get to know each other.

  • krauza77 (24W/Courtright, ON)


    Whatever is fine by me, I just want to get to know you better :) so something low key is ideal

  • LiviTuxi (48W/Redondo Beach, CA)


    Listening to live rock music while sipping Cadillac Margaritas and eating chips & salsa is always a favorite!

  • char_x (18W/London, England - London)


    I like gentlemen , you choose where to go , show up on time be polite then I'm happy :)

  • Drinking, chatting at any cool pub or bar while listening to music