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  • Coolairdude (50M/Adelaide, South Australia)


    Do like a capachnio by the beach looking out to sea , having a nice chat maybe food too

  • My idea of first date is nice dinner or lunch and afterwards movie and maybe after we can take a walk in the park

  • Probably a coffee or drink somewhere we can talk.

  • rtroger54 (58M/Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt)


    Schönes Kaffee in meiner oder Deiner Nähe

  • MsFabulous84 (30W/Houston, TX)


    Somewhere that we can talk, and get to know one another. (No, you can't come to my house and I'm not coming to yours.)

  • Yabuddy (34M/Janesville, WI)


    dinner movie, bar idk im up for anything races fishn

  • firestarter12 (29W/Clarksville, TN)


    I am pretty simple when it comes to first dates. So it can be just about anything anywhere.

  • pinknurse35 (35W/Tupelo, MS)


    Quiet coffee, festival, walk in park. If we spark maybe dinner

  • Carolinagirl1207 (33W/Rockingham, NC)


    We can talk about it and decide together

  • CarolP (66W/Lakeland, FL)


    Meeting for coffee is a good 1st meeting. It should be casual & comfortable.

  • jlat202 (21M/Chicago, IL)


    Take u out where u wanna go lol

  • Maybe talk on phone then coffee

  • ravenalvarez (43W/Windsor, CA)


    a coffee and some good conversation. maybe a drive to the coast and sit and talk in the cool ocean air.

  • holguinyvo (50W/Miami, FL)


    We can meet for coffee or a drink depending on the time and see if we have a connection, if not well it was nice meeting you.

  • jake_c94 (19M/Cantonment, FL)


    A nice dinner, go walking by a park, or the beach, or some where nice.