First Date Ideas

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  • amandakrystine ( 22 / W / Normal, IL )

    Like I said, I'm simple. I don't really care to go to a fancy restaurant. I love nature so going on a little adventure is always exciting to me. I also really love animals so take me to see a cow and I will l love you fo...  read more>>

  • tonithegrait ( 20 / W / Akron, OH )

    Well, the perfect date does not consist of being any where fancy or expensive, just being with someone who is able to make you feel comfortable, smile and laugh. But, if I had to chose I'd pick taking a walk. Walks are s...  read more>>

  • amerri1911 ( 22 / M / Dallas, TX )

    I love to just walk through a park and get to know you better. I love nature and fresh air.

  • DMarie72 ( 45 / W / Fort Dodge, IA )

    Get together and have a nice dinner maybe a couple drinks. But then get out of there and don't consume ourselves at a movie or something where our attention is taken off of each other. Take the time to talk and get to kn...  read more>>

  • bigtitlover04 ( 46 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    A walk around Tempe town lake in the evening and see if we are into each other and take it from there .

  • rzamora ( 19 / M / San Jose, CA )

    My ideal first date is a hike in santa cruz and a nice picnic with a view. The day would end with a relaxing evening by the beach.

  • Bigcountrymatt ( 24 / M / Hornbeak, TN )

    Going fishing or this doing something in the grate outdoor

  • ironguy ( 37 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    Maybe take a walk in a park, so we can talk and then get some coffee ?

  • Cixpack1284 ( 37 / M / Quesnel, BC )

    Will play that one by ear. But leaning something more outdoors.

  • BigViking76 ( 40 / M / Blaine, WA )

    Go on a walk around the lake. Lots of people there and dogs. We walk around the lake talk and get to know each other a bit then sit down at a picnic table and have a bite to eat, don't worry I wil bring something good.

  • 24CHARMED07 ( 46 / M / Wilmington, DE )

    To take the woman out for a lunch or to a nice restaurant for dinner or for a walk in the park.

  • shyannazombiekit ( 20 / W / Milford, OH )

    A walk in the park or a picnic basically anything that doesn't involve either of us spending money

  • Rosscoe85 ( 32 / M / Windsor, ON )

    Well to be honest. First dates are kind of overrated. You get all dressed up to meet someone just to find out there is no connection/attraction. Walking on the beach/at River is the best bet.

  • sasha3085 ( 32 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    Just a walk by the lake to talk and get to know each other or sit under the stars somewhere.

  • country4985 ( 37 / M / Temple, GA )

    Take a walk in the park and tlk and get to kno each other