First Date Ideas

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  • LApipeliner90 ( 26 / M / Calhoun, LA )

    Go out to dinner and get to know each other.

  • Dragonlucario ( 23 / M / Kings Park, NY )

    I want a hang out tv watching fooling around fun time / an adventure in a creek swamp forest

  • Monte25 ( 28 / M / Thomasville, AL )

    To ask a woman what she enjoy. Take her out to a nice place and get to know one another better and work on getting a smile out her. After that, take a walk around the park or on the beach and find out what she would look...  read more>>

  • hemants ( 33 / M / India )

    Candle light dinner with my date looking into her eyea

  • Sugartop ( 22 / W / New Zealand )

    I love places with anything Sweet! Take me anywhere, I wouldn't mind. (Unless it's to somewhere that includes hiking or extreme movements XD)

  • Atlanta1708 ( 25 / W / Bury, England - Greater Manchester )

    Ideas for my first date would be simple and traditional, going out for a meal and being treated like a princess. We'd just talk to enable us to get to know one and other.

  • bchasec82 ( 24 / M / Memphis, TN )

    Take them out to a nice place to eat and then maybe go bowling or to the movies afterwards

  • 8azinga ( 31 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    3 course meal served to your liking.. Cooked by 'myself' Glass of wine... Maybe a coke or even a scotch... Whatever goes.. Dessert is only served if the first 2 Courses go to plan ;) That's me Dan ;)

  • herminio ( 48 / M / San Jose, CA )

    i like to go out for at good dinner

  • Armanib ( 28 / M / Clinton, MD )

    Dinner and a walk at the national harbor or park

  • seemeinya ( 39 / M / Crystal Lake, IL )

    Ice cream coffee. Sunset beach travel.jump on a airplane.

  • KinkpairRI ( 36 / W / Providence, RI )

    Someplace that is quiet enough to talk and get to know each other. An idea date would be something laid-back and relaxed, where we could sit and talk to get a feel for one another. I know meeting someone for the first ti...  read more>>

  • Aston_carter ( 21 / M / Swansea, Wales - Glamorgan )

    Just meet up and hang out. Anywhere we can just sit and talk would be good

  • kevin_tugwell ( 40 / M / Red Deer, AB )

    supper and a nice walk by the river in summer. In winter supper and then my fireplace and a movie.

  • dickmonster1988 ( 28 / M / Flint, MI )

    Maybe a dinner then a movie...I don't really expect anything special as long the person is cool