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  • cousin_christie ( 46W / Pullman, WA )


    We will meet in a public place-local pub in our area-play shuffleboard, darts or pool. I (kim's cousin) will meet you first after we meet you will sit at your own table, when Kim comes in and if you like what you see, yo  more>>

  • debbycakes ( 43W / Bridgton, ME )


    We meet some place were we can just chat and do something. Like bowling pool ya know something with no presure.

  • chubby85 ( 30W / Springfield, MA )


    first date should be something fun..bowling, roller skating etc..then later on a more relaxed mode..dinner, drinks

  • shawty67 ( 48W / Hinesville, GA )


    cuddling and watching football on a sunday.

  • Fenris_Jon ( 38M / Utrecht, Utrecht )


    I've found that mini golf followed by dinner is a good first date activity. It's fun and low key, kind of impossible to take seriously. I've heard that "geocaching" is a really fun first date activity too, so perhaps we  more>>

  • SBHunter1 ( 54M / Charlotte, NC )


    Meeting for a drink and a bite to eat quietly.

  • Just_Me80 ( 35W / Denison, TX )


    Just going out to dinner and drinks or to a baseball game as friends.

  • twfreed ( 30M / Huntsville, AL )


    Swimming, followed by a movie, then wrestle for an hkur.

  • kaybudd22 ( 30M / Milton Freewater, OR )


    Go out to eat..go to a movie..get some some dancing..have fun.

  • donnad1969 ( 45W / Lebanon, IN )


    I really nice sweet nice normal things. I am not a bar or a club kinda person. Im more the grilling out & Bud Light kinda girl. A walk & a picnic would be perfect. A walk on the beach or fishing is my speed. A baseball o  more>>

  • Charles6347 ( 29M / Clearwater, FL )


    Go to dinner. Hang out at a bar. Talk and get to now each other the right way.

  • gabrielv2000 ( 26M / Houston, TX )


    someone who likes to go shopping or to the beach or the pool

  • Bluestaffi ( 33W / Southampton, England - Hampshire )


    something really silly and fun, bouncy castle testing would be amazing

  • laughterlover ( 35W / Bronx, NY )


    Bowling! Here's why: You are active. You can enjoy a casual drink and/or meal. You can talk at your own pace (as much or as little as the flow allows) You get to see how your date reacts to competition and you feel good  more>>

  • mewallace ( 33W / Irving, TX )


    My first date would be somewhere fun like bowling to give the chance to talk