First Date Ideas

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  • EastBayGiant2014 ( 48 / M / Livermore, CA )

    Great conversation. Flirting. Brush of hand across the leg. The soft kiss!

  • manuelsmommy ( 29 / W / Henderson, TN )

    A small dinner and maybe a walk

  • Bekkah7878 ( 38 / W / Springfield, MO )

    I prefer a first date be somewhere quiet and intimate so that my date and I have a chance to talk and get to know one another.

  • kapp033 ( 29 / M / Greenville, NC )

    My first date will be dinner and a movie and also a nice walk sharing our thoughts

  • trueheart67 ( 48 / W / Australia )

    Would love to have dinner somewhere nice and quiet, attend a comedy show, concert or live band. But don't end the night there .. a stroll along the beach talking and getting to know each other. Ending with a kiss and a c...  read more>>

  • Jaycee9 ( 54 / M / Roseville, MI )

    2 do the things that adults do.If wine and dine is enjoyable 2 do then lets do that

  • Djpluis ( 38 / M / Junedale, PA )

    We would meet op for tapas and a drink. And end up talking and eating in a nice small restaurant till midnight. Enjoying The goodness hand pretty things this life has to offer.

  • kakefather ( 37 / M / Huntsville, AL )

    I really love to cook, and am very skilled at it, so it would be great to connect on that level, and hey let's be honest. Who doesn't like to eat some good food

  • skells ( 38 / M / South Bend, IN )

    Public for one but the movies and dinner has been done to death I rather we cook each other dinner and make our own movie

  • SarahtheAnn ( 35 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Let's try something completely new...and maybe even a little crazy! Or not. Coffee or drinks is good too.

  • Daniz89 ( 27 / M / palermo, Sicilia )

    My first date preferred are happy hour or take a coffee. Should like me meeting at Cinema or eating an ice cream with her,but not dislike the japanese cuisine!=P

  • LovingGoddess ( 38 / W / Pasco, WA )

    Great food, drinks, mentally stimulating conversation... and allow the rest to unfold organically.

  • ozguy75 ( 41 / M / cardinia, Victoria )

    Great food in a quiet intimate setting

  • bigbbaby ( 45 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    i dont have just one ideal date scenario. i like coffee and great conversation or food and a movie or art. i really like anything engaging and stimulating and that can vary so drastically. i think any date has the potent...  read more>>

  • chapter_black ( 33 / M / Florissant, MO )

    Im in the restaurant field and like to try different food spots since we have so many.