First Date Ideas

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  • GracieK ( 24 / W / Oneida, TN )

    Im not too picky when it comes to these kind of things. But I like just going to the park or maybe going to watch a movie

  • ibsam929 ( 46 / W / Toledo, OH )

    First dates are so up in the air... it really depends on what things we have in common... the weather... the time of day... the time of year... meeting for a drink is always okay with me... keeps in simple and open for c...  read more>>

  • TymarW ( 23 / M / Lakeland, FL )

    first date ideas idk Im a random type of person when it comes to the dates so it depends on how I feel

  • Lala929 ( 29 / W / Kansas City, MO )

    A picnic at the park, dinner and a movie, laser tag.

  • BBAnimalLoverW ( 37 / W / Ipswich, Queensland )

    I would love my first date to flow with ease and honesty and a lovely feeling about it...