Random Daytime Activities

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  • Desire2011 ( 57W / Coalville, England - Leicestershire )


    I think a Lunchtime date is great for a 1st meeting, you havent spent all day wondering what will happen ! A nice relaxed cosy pub, dosent have to be 5 star. it's easier to talk whilst doing something besides being publi  more>>

  • Nasiha3832 ( 31W / Cleveland, GA )


    For a first date I think it should be something simple. Maybe a movie, or put-put, lol even just hanging out at the java station. I don't think a first date should have added pressure. It is hard to get to know eachother  more>>

  • mmojoinhi ( 31W / Rockville, MD )


    Something unique! An amusement park, a festival, take out dinner on the steps of a monument, a movie in a different language.......

  • Rashkitten ( 57W / Oak Harbor, WA )


    I think just a chance to talk and learn about each other, no pressure. A walk on the beach or maybe coffee at a local spot.

  • Mandilove ( 35W / Bayfield, CO )


    I love to do a lot of things I'm not very good at like mini golf or pool or bowling.