Random Daytime Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • Baby_gurl411 ( 21W / Muncie, IN )


    going to get ice cream noyhing to fancy

  • sirscottofaz ( 55M / Phoenix, AZ )


    meet at a bookstore, have a soft drink, talk and set a second date, maybe ven for the same day/night

  • Shannon2008 ( 37W / Chattanooga, TN )


    A casual meal somewhere that we could talk & get to know one another better followed by a quiet walk in the park.

  • beckaleck ( 35W / Switzer, WV )


    Drinks at a quieter restaurant, dinner, doing something that enables us to talk and get to know each other. I do enjoy going clubbing occasionally, but this would not be appropriate for a first date.

  • Jonnygogo ( 51M / Madison, WI )


    Something safe and initiallly short in case we don't mesh. Can always do something else if we do! Dinner, an outdoor event with lots of people, music, a high school game (soccer, lacrosse, etc.). The point is to get to k  more>>