Random Daytime Activities

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  • nalasmomma ( 45W / Delray Beach, FL )


    Lunch or dinner or a movie, then walk on the beach....or an hour or two of bowling

  • Whitel ( 46W / Conyers, GA )


    walk in the park, dinner or movie

  • NAVYGAL61 ( 54W / Hampton, VA )


    Meet me at Dover Downs for beer and slots, or at Water Country in Williamsburg for a day of water fun!

  • LeBigMac ( 34M / Cradley Heath, England - West Midlands )


    Hahaha - that would be telling but I'd lean towards something a bit whacky... what better way to get to know somebody than by NOT doing the standard "go to the cinema / pub" thing?

  • Xheartbreakerx ( 29W / Yakima, WA )


    I really like random dates like sitting in the park and eating a burger something like that just as long as its not dinner and a movie lol