Random Daytime Activities

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  • bluejude ( 58W / Grove, OK )


    Anywhere where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • jojomax2011 ( 47W / South Paris, ME )


    I think a good idea for a first meeting is to go out to coffee.

  • nanbe83 ( 31W / Lake Villa, IL )


    I love the City of Chicago and I think it's the perfect place for a first date. The parks and the lakefront are perfect spots for a walk and a picnic lunch. Millenniums' ice skating rink is perfect for a winter date.

  • smileyBBW ( 37W / Hillman, Western Australia )


    somewhere quiet where we can talk and be

  • robbin26 ( 29W / Evansville, IN )


    My first date idea is us chillin on the beach talkin gettin to kno each other