Random Daytime Activities

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  • paxetamore ( 45W / South San Francisco, CA )


    something fun that involves movement, minimal distraction, and maximum conversation opportunities such as visiting an aquarium, bowling, or picnic in the park

  • cole37 ( 27W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    Something casual but fun where we are not required to sit and stare at each other in awkward silence.... or you know, a dinner date could work too I guess if you're a stickler for tradition.

  • alintak ( 47M / Snellville, GA )


    Coffee house, simple place - Waffle House type - or if youre into this, can do recreational activity like going to sporting events or bowling or something like that.

  • immissunderstood ( 42W / Palm Bay, FL )


    Id love taking a day trip to Old Town in Kissimmee Florida walking threw the shops getting to know eachother during lunch and once the evening begins...watch the car show and end with a few cocktails over dinner.

  • LoliJay ( 22W / Clinton, MD )


    A simple movie and dinner would do. I'm not really in to the whole spectacular, magical stuff. Maybe a trip to downtown for sight seeing? or even just relaxing in a park, talking and laughing.