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  • crimsonkat ( 31W / Burgin, KY )


    A date could be the movies, could be dinner, could be lunch, could be a walk in the park. It can be anything we want it to be.

  • juniorfresh ( 30M / Vancouver, BC )


    Cuddling messages kisses passion lust bliss xxxooo

  • jacquelynmary ( 22W / West Palm Beach, FL )


    I want to be surprised and I want something fun. When you get to know me plan something perfect. I'm easy to please

  • ieakieak ( 28M / Whitby, ON )


    Meet and see what's good and talk about where we should go ?

  • kmarie20132 ( 27W / Cameron, OK )


    Somewhere we both feel comfortable a walk in the park a cup of coffee even a movie if u rather