Drinks My favorite date ideas

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  • anchorgirl21 ( 27 / W / Lincoln, RI )

    I think grabbing drinks is a perfect first date (even if you don't drink). If we want to spend more time we can upgrade to dinner.

  • missmolly1969 ( 46 / W / Cleveland, OH )

    Open to coffee, milk shakes, or alchohol

  • newbbw2015 ( 42 / W / Hallstead, PA )

    No clue don't really matter hear for a friend

  • xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ( 43 / M / Vernal, UT )

    Drinks and groping. And more groping.

  • jake81557 ( 39 / M / Bronson, FL )

    If your a party type of female and enjoy s** we can be the best of friends and don't be shy you can talk to me and tell me your wildest secrets and fantasies, I am here talk to me sweetheart, I love a good hot females