Dinner My favorite date ideas

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  • ald2003 ( 31M / Chillicothe, OH )


    Walk talk and hang out get to know each other

  • Geraldo98329 ( 59M / Gig Harbor, WA )


    While I love the idea of going to Stanley & Seaforts, it may not be comfortable for all. My first inclination is to ask my date where she'd like to go. If she wants me to make the decision it would be a quiet place where  more>>

  • KingDre601 ( 33M / Plymouth, PA )


    Going for a walk are long drive to get to know each other after a nice dinner.

  • bigrob944 ( 43M / Spanish Fort, AL )


    We go to a restaurant where we sit and talk. Building curiosity and energy together.

  • tony70 ( 44M / Charleston, WV )


    Go out to eat, and then take a walk to get to know one another.