First Date Ideas

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  • nicolemonroe23 ( 26 / W / Augusta, GA )

    I don't like a planned thing i jus like to go with the flow

  • modified584 ( 28 / W / Manistee, MI )

    Just chilling out on the beach and talking. Maybe a blanket and something to drink. I'm a huge cuddle bug and love snuggling close and just talking about random things. It's very relaxing when there's no pressure.

  • lowppro ( 39 / M / Santa Ana, CA )

    Hook ups ....with me n my lady that knows means a threesome .......with and open mind girl

  • musicman555 ( 48 / M / Lynn, MA )

    It could be as simple as going to meet for a cup of coffee or dinner and a movie

  • bigmac0517 ( 51 / M / Decker, IN )

    nice quiet dinner and going for a walk or having dinner and a drink and listning to live music

  • lookingagainwpg ( 39 / M / Winnipeg, MB )

    My first date idea, is always going to be something planed. It does not have to be expensive, it does not even have to be something that if formal. Some where public, quite so we can get to know each other.

  • FREERIDER33 ( 37 / M / Oklahoma City, OK )

    First dates always different in everybody else's eyes I like to hear the opinions of others in order to know what they think

  • marknice1 ( 36 / M / Atlantic City, NJ )

    May be go 2 dinner & a really good movie.smoke in joke 4 a min den may be we could go 4 a nice walk in talk & really try in see if we are maid 4 each other really! Or not.& be come good! friends

  • jon36312 ( 28 / M / Catawba, NC )

    What ever you want to do unless you want to be supprised then be prepaired for the time of your life

  • cyndea ( 46 / W / Middleton, WI )

    Apple or Microsoft? Peeps or no peeps? Giver or taker? Love her and leave or love her and stay? Sexual or just s**? IPhone or Android? Gamer or no?

  • VETTEMAN100 ( 44 / M / Seattle, WA )


  • luke0414 ( 27 / M / Easley, SC )

    Something orginal!!! Dinner and movies are a lame date idea. I think it be fun just to wing it and see what we could end up doing.

  • teeluv100 ( 37 / M / Jacksonville, FL )

    Drinks and wht ever comes to mind after that

  • lobomelwyn ( 34 / M / India )

    m not any dates be want dates come inbox

  • melissa732000 ( 44 / W / Salt Lake City, UT )

    Have a candlelight dinner and go for a walk .