Random Nighttime Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • Reconbear ( 43M / Bensalem, PA )


    Maybe go out for a drink, some coffee, or maybe a movie, a nice dinner

  • KegAkAKatie ( 36W / Mount Juliet, TN )


    Im game for most activities... First few dates I will meet you were we are going.. I will not be picked up due to prior experience

  • blackkingdom ( 22M / Kansas City, KS )


    Is walking talking holding hands eating good food making sure she is having fun

  • RoxyRodes ( 27M / Humble, TX )


    To be honest, I'm not really experienced with dating. I'd like to do something that we'd both enjoy while being able to get to know one another. If you're more homey I could make us dinner while we watched a movie/anime  more>>

  • AllEyesNthighs ( 39W / Lowell, IN )


    First dates are tricky but I'm not super high maintenance so surprise me. I'll definitely let you know if you did well or judged me wrong.

  • MsMac0712 ( 32W / Chesapeake, VA )


    Walk on the beach or a bar with live music

  • olyphil ( 29M / Olympia, WA )


    if it is raining then a relaxed meal inside, sunny then maybe a walk down town. both followed by either a movie or dancing.

  • ReeReeRee ( 36W / moe, Victoria )


    dinner and a movie, picnic by the lake, browsing a market

  • togoodforuladies ( 36M / Bakersfield, CA )


    Dinner a movie then a nice walk .

  • STYNGER ( 38M / Spring Valley, NY )


    walk on the beach or dinner and a movie

  • 2thick2quit ( 32W / Rochester, NY )


    My first date idea would be a romantic dinner at a noncrowded restaurant where we can get to know each other better. maybe?

  • Gods336 ( 53W / Tupelo, MS )


    Church and after that a long walk and then a movie..

  • SLICSTROKE ( 30M / Bronx, NY )


    Chillin in the house,watchin a movie,getting to know each other.

  • nyccableguy ( 33M / Brooklyn, NY )


    I think the best date ideas come from getting to know what the other person's interest are. Tough since you may not have a clue but that's half the fun, the challenge of planning a great time. Does that mean a romantic c  more>>

  • xAshley_Raex ( 21W / Grantsburg, WI )


    Anything spontaneous(: Amusement parks or paint balling ha ha