First Date Ideas

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  • starNRG ( 36 / M / Abbotsford, BC )

    First date would go out for dinner get to know each other have some wine and kiss under the stars

  • happydog35 ( 37 / M / Republic, MO )

    Going to the moives going to eat out at a nice restaurant

  • Shuree ( 51 / W / Fort Worth, TX )

    Go out to lunch or dinner and movie.

  • imoc14 ( 24 / M / Chicago, IL )

    Get to know each other over drinks or a walk down to the beach. Find a good restaurant for dinner then watch a baseball game or a movie.

  • kerok99 ( 37 / M / Laguna Niguel, CA )

    Movie, dinner & a walk across the street and a frindly conversation

  • daniellajean2 ( 21 / W / New Hyde Park, NY )

    I would like to go somewhere where we can talk like dinner and then followed by a fun activity like a movie or mini golf.

  • plussizecori ( 21 / W / Shreveport, LA )

    I'm a simple lady. I would love to just be surprised with something the guy decided to do!

  • leppert ( 44 / W / Kalamazoo, MI )

    I don't think it really matters what you do as long as you do something that involves talking, I mean that is how we get to know each other so something like coffee, app and a drink, dinner or even a walk in a park

  • daddy5678 ( 36 / M / Granite Falls, NC )

    To go out to eat...maybw see a movie...or go out to thelake on my boat and watch the sun set.,

  • gallery ( 50 / M / Spartanburg, SC )

    Go out to dinner and go see a movie. Would love to be able to show u off

  • itsogood64 ( 47 / W / Livermore, CA )

    I will like to meet my first date at Starbucks have a good coffee

  • keya19 ( 20 / W / Newark, NJ )

    Movies , then dinner and a walk and the park & talk about whatever , our goals , accomplishments etc

  • Alexander2488 ( 23 / M / Hazleton, PA )

    Fine dinner, a little bit expensive. A movie or picnic, something fun. Could be anything you want too! Aim to please!

  • zombie_mamma2013 ( 24 / W / Calgary, AB )

    Maybe a movie or coffee dinner just get to talk :) or if you have a better fun idea would love to hear it!

  • ContraryNate ( 33 / M / Santa Cruz, CA )

    Why not some red wine paired with gnocchi or fettuccine alfredo? Then a walk on the beach. Oh, then depending on local events, maybe a concert. Though the sunset is hard to pass up here.