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  • Irene2012 ( 32W / Wigan, England - Greater Manchester )


    A walk on sandy beach folowed by visit of some atractions and lunch.

  • AaronLH ( 21M / Sydney, New South Wales )


    My first date would be going somewhere that we'd both enjoy and a place where we could speak freely and get to know each other as much as possible.

  • honeymeme ( 26W / Houston, TX )


    I love for my man to plan the entire date!! I love love love surprises!!!

  • acuttie ( 55W / Springfield, IL )


    I'd love a quiet Dinner,maybe at my place or yours and we can order in,you know comfortable.

  • naddy1007 ( 24W / Flagstaff, AZ )


    Wow. The first date.... hmmm. That's a tricky one. You tell me. What is your ideal first date?

  • nateneedsbig ( 25M / Prosperity, WV )


    Going out in the evening and looking romantically at stars

  • boogie1438 ( 53W / Lancaster, OH )


    how about a nice dinner a walk.Or maybe a surpise something that can take your breath away.

  • Plussizediva89 ( 25W / Dallas, NC )


    Going to a cafe or lounge, eating somewhere we never been, attending a poetry cafe, going to the park and enjoying each others company.

  • buttamilk45 ( 49W / Clearwater, FL )


    I would like to walk on the beach , and have a candlelight dinner outside.

  • sherman2001 ( 50M / Emory, TX )


    A long walk on a beach and then a pick nick also on the beach watching the sunset together in each others arms arms

  • Dave1958 ( 56M / San Diego, CA )


    Meet at a location of your choice, have a drink, coffee, or tea, and get to know each other.

  • Drego11 ( 34M / San Antonio, TX )


    Not to be stereotypical, but a nice dinner with a walk in a park. Call me old fashioned.

  • Jaden33 ( 36M / South Africa )


    a picnic amidst the dust rings of Saturn wud be good - in reality, a movie to break any barriers and then drinks to break any ice.

  • jigglesgaggles ( 50W / Cork, Kilkenny )


    Would love a candle lit dinner at Fiacri House Restaurant...or a coffee at a cosy coffee shop...chatting laughing about silly things...Visiting Abbeys..heritage places...walks on the beach yes...and just watching the sun  more>>

  • sweetJason76179 ( 36M / Fort Worth, TX )


    A first date is a mechanism in which two people should take the opportunity to get to know each other. I'm pretty open and like to be spontaneous. I can make decisions as to where it shall be if my date wants me to do so  more>>