Random Daytime Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • KasceeBabyRose69 ( 25 / W / Toledo, OH )

    My first date wouldn't matter where we are or what we do just as long as we are spending time together and getting to know each other and enjoying our selves.

  • pink27513 ( 47 / W / Cary, NC )

    The first date is always the one that makes you so nervous.....so...depending on the person....and the weather....could be a picnic in the park....or.....a nice walk

  • MsxRenegade ( 23 / W / Columbus, OH )

    For a first date, I'd love to meet in a beautiful park and just talk and enjoy the scenery. :)

  • BrownSugarBabe ( 47 / W / Oxford, GA )

    I would love to go anywhere quiet where we could share a great conversation and have a laugh or two. Like the beach or a park, or something along those lines.

  • honeyblue2000 ( 42 / W / Wheat Ridge, CO )

    Hmmm, lets see a quiet place like a walk in the park, lunch or dinner so that you can sit down and talk to get to know each other.

  • wattsboy ( 72 / M / Colorado Springs, CO )

    Let's meet at Acacia Park and eat French fries from Carl Jr's.

  • missjessib ( 23 / W / Washington, IL )

    I'd like to meet up somewhere and just see what happens. I definitively don't mind just sitting somewhere and talking or dinner.

  • CheckingN4Love ( 53 / W / Kansas City, MO )

    My first date would be outside somewhere, by a lake, the ocean, campsite with someone I have chemistry with and can talk to about any subject. Enjoying our favorite finger foods with ice cold sweet tea or a non-alcoholic  more>>

  • calibabii21 ( 29 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Dinner and a movie :) a walk around town, a day at the lake since we do not have a beach here lol

  • Phamme45 ( 48 / W / Peoria, AZ )

    Something with no pressure...Starbucks...the zoo...someplace where you can actually talk and get to know each other, but other things going to interject into the conversation as well.

  • iang1958 ( 56 / M / melbourne, Victoria )

    I like to have a coffee somewhere private

  • pghncgal ( 54 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    My first date probably would be a relaxing picnic near water while watching the sunset in the evening. I love water, and sunrise/sunsets so combined with great company, can make for a priceless moment.

  • MASTERBLK ( 43 / M / Laurinburg, NC )

    A nice morning walk in the park with just the 2 of us talking about what we want out of life and were do we go from here.

  • butterfly272000 ( 65 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Start out with coffee at a nice public place to talk and breat the ice. Then maybe on to dinner.

  • FuNgirlxx ( 28 / W / baxter, Victoria )

    would like to do something simple and fun. Of course its ok to have a coffee or dinner but id prefer to do something that shows me exactly what ure like. no need to go spending the whole weeks pay to impress.