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  • osachar (34M/Cleveland, OH)


    i had my first date in a cinema with a close friend's sister... i used to admire her and was surprised she did the same... till she came up with it on a certain day.

  • pixietwist (33W/Saint Paul, MN)


    Grab a bite to eat then head to a park to go for a walk or just sit in a nice spot and talk.

  • angelreachesu2 (63W/Milwaukee, WI)


    To me I would like to converse by email first. Then by phone a few times. If we click by then I would like to go for lunch so we could talk about the friendship I hope we are building. Than attend church with me.

  • BigHugz (43W/Shreveport, LA)


    First Dates should always be special -- that does not meal expensive!!! It would be nice to have can have lunch and spend sometime talking face to face time....

  • protraveler60 (62M/Orlando, FL)


    I enjoy a good meal out and would like sit across the table, talk and find out about one another.

  • GavinD (32M/Wausau, WI)


    Meet for coffee/tea or drinks. Take a walk through the park and conversate.

  • footwe (37M/Alabaster, AL)


    Idk wat ever she likes and wants to do :)!

  • tinkerbell2000 (47W/Worcester, MA)


    i will like to take a walk to get to kno the person or dinner and just talk

  • WillWeOrWontWe (44W/Rosedale, MD)


    How about we have coffee somewhere, or share a meal and get to know one another. I'd like to be in a comfortable atmosphere to where we can hear each other speak.

  • urdezteni (35W/Elizabeth City, NC)


    As much as I love going to the movies I prefer to do something that give us a chance to have face to face conversation. Very open to just lunch or brunch as a first date

  • ReneeInCo (34W/Colorado Springs, CO)


    Anywhere that doesn't involve coffee I hate the smell. Somewhere quiet and mutually liked.

  • Kerri1 (51W/San Marcos, CA)


    A nice walk (on the beach), maybe a nice, casual dinner somewhere?

  • HawtWoman (35W/Nanaimo, BC)


    We Go Dutch On Lunch At A Nice, Clean, Healthy Mexicain Resturant Gina's, Walk Around Town, Go Swimming At The River, Lake Etc.

  • Leahmc (49W/New Caney, TX)


    My ideal first date is very simple. Lunch at a local place, talking and getting to know each other.

  • smoothwill45 (35M/Detroit, MI)


    I like to arrange to meet together at resturant at lunch then we talk about everything. We go to riverfront for nice walk and talk some of course