First Date Ideas

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  • amandap882000 ( 29 / W / Nicholson, GA )

    would be to go to a park and have a picnic where we can talk and get to know one another. then go for a walk around the park

  • Carmelqueen37 ( 42 / W / Cape Coral, FL )

    A nice dinner in a outside setting, bowling, Golf (miniture) lol. Anything that gives opportunity to talk and get to know one another.

  • TeamNoSleep ( 35 / M / Milwaukee, WI )

    My first date,should be something fun&exciting

  • SeekingCoPilot ( 35 / M / Burlington, ON )

    you have to tailor it to each person. i cannot just put out a general idea... and all of you who write coffee..might as well just write interview.

  • Misanthrop74 ( 43 / M / Fürstenfeldbruck, Bayern )

    Wie wäre es am Seeufer in Decken eingepackt mit Glühwein oder Tee stundenlang Enten zu füttern und sich dabei über Gott und die Welt zu unterhalten ?

  • luvum_thick69 ( 40 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Whatever with feelings about each other if we connect we can take it from there and see where it goes

  • pierre62 ( 54 / M / North York, ON )

    go for coffee and conversation

  • KEV_DOG ( 31 / M / Adelaide, South Australia )

    my date idea's are decided once i have talked alot with someone an get a feel for what they like. IE: maybe a meal at a nice place but still casual then go to a driving range to have some fun hitting golf balls or to a m...  read more >>

  • sammy1232000 ( 38 / M / Landrum, SC )

    How would a night out to eat at a great steak/seafood place thats romantic, then go somewhere and look at christmas lights or something fun , relaxing and special.

  • settinthepace ( 44 / W / Sylmar, CA )

    To have coffee or dinner at a unique place. Ideally having great conversation and chemistry.

  • Crash588 ( 26 / M / Ormond Beach, FL )

    Take that special person to a nice romantic dinner get to know each other and then maybe a walk on the beach

  • Shellbell123 ( 54 / W / Lebanon, TN )

    Lunch , Dinner , Coffee it doesn't really matter but would like to talk or a simple movie would be nice also.

  • Lorne71 ( 46 / M / Burnaby, BC )

    Something casual. Go out for coffee or drinks and get to know each other a little, and go on from there

  • Allwayzintosumn ( 40 / M / Springfield, IL )

    Sit have dinner maybe a Lil cocktail talk get to know one another

  • Diamond88062012 ( 29 / W / Anderson, IN )

    Anything but dinner and a movie. You cant talk and get to know eachother during a movie, and no one likes to talk with their mouthful. My ideal date would be a photoshoot. Me take pics of you, you take pics of me. It wou...  read more >>