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  • msjone ( 57 / W / Henderson, NC )

    We would grab an early lunch then we'd drive around to see the sites near my small lake town. We'd ride out to the lake and park and sit and talk or walk around and just talk to get to know each other.

  • mzthicky ( 24 / W / Chicago, IL )

    A afternoon at a park where we can make a pick nick witout havin to spend money n get to kno each other better

  • FunGaGirl ( 37 / W / Athens, GA )

    I am pretty much open to anything. I think lunch or dinner would be great followed by a walk in the park to be able to talk and get to know one another better.

  • Petercares67 ( 51 / M / Washington, DC )

    First date would definitly be a mutually agreed activity in a good location prefarably chosen by the Lady during day time. It should involve fun activities like hobbies of both sides.

  • sarinutah ( 40 / M / Roy, UT )

    First dates are always tough, but I think that the first date should be something casual where both people are comfortable & conversation is easy.... NO MOVIES!

  • havana_clue ( 29 / W / Dublin, Dublin )

    Or similar sort of activity. I like to do random somewhat touristy things, its fun. If you have any cool suggestions id be glad to hear them.

  • lolype ( 46 / W / Indianapolis, IN )

    Sporting events, lunch, museum....I'm not picky. Fun, laughter, and getting to know someone is what matters most.

  • ABgal20 ( 28 / W / Red Deer, AB )

    Anything that let's us get to know eachother and have some fun as well.

  • MrWrong4u ( 48 / M / Wesley Chapel, FL )

    WOW, honestly I couldn't possibly try to predict or project a first date. It has been a long long time. I think maybe a theme park ...busch Gardens sounds good... so no matter what we both can have a good time even if th...  read more >>

  • misslynn75 ( 41 / W / Huntington, WV )

    Not a movie that's for sure! Lol.. grab a coffee sit & talk, see how things connect & take it from there

  • sissyseeksmommie ( 54 / M / Madera, CA )

    Meeting for coffee at like Starbucks at the very least and then dinner afterwards . Other wise time of the year could be a factor during. October going to a haunted attraction would be fun or December seeing Christmas li...  read more >>

  • MissMickie89 ( 29 / W / Nashville, TN )

    I say just shock me do something you would never think to do in a million years. I like first time experiences never can do to much !

  • Sunshinekisses ( 35 / W / New Llano, LA )

    Some type of activity where we can do something but still be able to talk. Something that neither of us have done. Like a couples cooking class, pottery class, painting class. Maybe something fun like spend the afternoon...  read more >>

  • TBGoody ( 37 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    I think I'd really enjoy four wheeling in a muddy lake bed on a 1st date.

  • billmoore ( 50 / M / Australia )

    Go for a coffie and get to no each other and see were itgoes from there