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  • View author's info ( 38 / M / Timberlake, NC )

    Go out for dinner, catch a movie, go somewhere and park

  • View author's info ( 63 / M / Wilsonville, OR )

    An intimate setting where I can appreciate the person sitting next to me

  • View author's info ( 23 / M / Grandview, MO )

    I am open-minded, but a good first date would be one where we get to learn about each other, talk, and have a good time. Shopping trips, bowling, movie and dinner; what matters is that both ppl want a second date

  • View author's info ( 38 / W / Milford, ME )

    A walk, dinner, something where we can actually talk and get to know eachother.

  • View author's info ( 26 / M / Denver, CO )

    Homemade dinner then cuddles and just chatting the night away

  • View author's info ( 38 / M / Henrico, VA )

    Our fist date would be a nice dinner so we could tlak and gt to no eachother followed by a good movie

  • View author's info ( 33 / M / Saint Louis, MO )

    My idea date would be me and a beautiful woman getting a bite to eat and taking a walk conversating trying to get to know her

  • View author's info ( 36 / M / Calhoun, GA )

    I would like for that to be a surprise. I wouldn't wanna give it away,without even meeting a

  • View author's info ( 33 / W / Madisonville, KY )

    First date: I would love to go to dinner and after dinner go for a walk and get to know each other. Have a blanket and sit under the stars and talk about things we have in common.

  • View author's info ( 30 / M / Monroe, NC )

    WalKing to the beach and possibly a movie

  • View author's info ( 39 / M / Tallahassee, FL )

    Dinner and getting to know one another

  • View author's info ( 29 / M / Australia )

    Go somewhere not too fancy. Just a place to get to know you better

  • View author's info ( 27 / M / Tallahassee, FL )

    My first date ideas include dinner, flowers, a nice evening enjoying some music or watching a movie and getting to know more about the person I'm perusing

  • View author's info ( 29 / M / Dover, DE )

    Preferably a dinner so we can look at each other and talk

  • View author's info ( 28 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Probably pick me at my house or meet somewhere maybe for lunch or dinner. Preferable with flowers. I'm a sucker for beautiful flowers. Genuine conversation getting to know one another.