First Date Ideas

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  • lonelyguy3418 ( 53 / M / Gladstone, MI )

    Would like to meet in a quiet place to get to know each other.

  • Leo_Child ( 23 / W / Victoria, TX )

    Straight up old fashion chillin would b legit lol

  • Lonelyleo85 ( 31 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    You can never ho wrong with a casual coffee and a bit of chat, but never count anything out!

  • Citymeetscountry ( 43 / W / Charleston, SC )

    Let's do something other than the typical dinner and drinks.

  • ecoleary ( 40 / W / Hillsboro, OR )

    I like to treat every place like I have never been there before, this way I learn/see something new to inspire and make the occasion a memory.

  • bipbop1313 ( 49 / M / Bangor, ME )

    On a first date, I'd like to get to know you. It wouldn't matter where we went. I like to talk and discuss things, and I love to listen to someone else tell me about their life. I think just getting to know someone is fu...  read more >>

  • DLab4789 ( 28 / M / Bristol, PA )

    I am a random person who would rather just see what happens than plan anything out, so my IDEAL first date would be very random.

  • divinely40 ( 44 / W / Pottsville, PA )

    My ideal date would be going to a farmer's market, walking and talking, with a light lunch. Being casual with no pressure just good conversation, maybe learn something new about yourself, and some laughs

  • ajice89 ( 27 / W / Windermere, FL )

    First, I'd kick your bum at air hockey in the arcade. Maybe play a couple of shooters afterwards, then zip past you in go-karts! After that, who knows! Life is an adventure.

  • msjone ( 56 / W / Henderson, NC )

    We would grab an early lunch then we'd drive around to see the sites near my small lake town. We'd ride out to the lake and park and sit and talk or walk around and just talk to get to know each other.

  • mzthicky ( 23 / W / Chicago, IL )

    A afternoon at a park where we can make a pick nick witout havin to spend money n get to kno each other better

  • FunGaGirl ( 36 / W / Athens, GA )

    I am pretty much open to anything. I think lunch or dinner would be great followed by a walk in the park to be able to talk and get to know one another better.

  • Petercares67 ( 50 / M / Washington, DC )

    First date would definitly be a mutually agreed activity in a good location prefarably chosen by the Lady during day time. It should involve fun activities like hobbies of both sides.

  • sarinutah ( 39 / M / Roy, UT )

    First dates are always tough, but I think that the first date should be something casual where both people are comfortable & conversation is easy.... NO MOVIES!

  • havana_clue ( 28 / W / Dublin, Dublin )

    Or similar sort of activity. I like to do random somewhat touristy things, its fun. If you have any cool suggestions id be glad to hear them.