First Date Ideas

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  • BMOC37 ( 47 / M / Elkridge, MD )

    Dinner,goto a park and take a walk and talk and get to know each other

  • beebee2004 ( 48 / M / Oak Park, IL )

    A museum...I'd love to know what and how you think :)

  • greengac ( 51 / W / Minneapolis, MN )

    First dates are usually rather awkward, so I think it's better to find a low-key activity to do together like a leisurely walk or "coffee" (I don't drink coffee, but it's the type of first date I mean.)

  • ChloeDawn ( 24 / W / Crook, England - County Durham )

    I'd like it to be nice and quiet so we could get to know each other more :)

  • alexis_g ( 24 / W / San Angelo, TX )

    pizza & dr.pepper at my house watching a funny or scary movie. then a drive to get ice cream.!

  • setalone ( 59 / M / feira, Aveiro )

    Sou um Homem de bem a vida, feliz na maior parte do tempo, vaidoso, simpático e divertido. Sou de fácil convívio, gosto de trocar idéias, respeito e gosto de ser respeitado; distraído ao extremo, seletivo nas amizad...  read more>>

  • ericeh ( 38 / M / Garner, IA )

    movie and then flower and then to a nice place to eat and to get to know each other and we can meet at a mall or a nice resturant

  • 1manwoman ( 43 / W / Dunfermline, Scotland - Fife )

    My first date would probably be somewhere in the open... A walk along a beach (yes even in this weather, all the better to have a cuddle.. A walk through a park.... anywhere really.. somewhere it is just me and yo...  read more>>

  • Derrick287 ( 27 / M / Atlanta, GA )

    holding hands walking in the park, an have a lil picnic lol, you kno like dem PB & J sandmiches apple chips on some cover in the middle og the grass : )

  • hotrod2017 ( 53 / M / Santa Margarita, CA )

    i would pick you up and we would drive to the redwoods or the mountians, spend the day walking and talking with each other. then we would find the right spot and lay out a blanket and . have a nice pick-nick lunch under...  read more>>

  • mack666 ( 41 / / Mc Rae, GA )

    Love to lay u down ..make you yell my name

  • imam3ss ( 24 / M / New Bedford, MA )

    a walk, on a beach or park where we can talk and get to know each other

  • clbreeze1 ( 41 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    A casual meeting outdoors, coffee or desert at a local diner, just to get the opportunity to sit and talk, and really get a genuine vibe from the person. Setting the scene at a specific event, or activity encourages an e...  read more>>

  • Hexedcell ( 39 / W / Youngstown, OH )

    some sight seeing or taking a walk followed up by a nice dinner would be a good forst date to tey to get to know each other a little...A movie is cool too but not much talking can be done

  • LadyBlue0455 ( 61 / W / Lawrenceville, GA )

    Would you like to picnic in the park then sit in the adult swing and watch the ducks swim in the lake while we get to know each other. We can also take a slow walk along the trail.