Walking or Hiking

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  • Wispurs ( 43W / Seattle, WA )


    Coffee or Drink. If the weather is nice a walk in the Park.

  • PAULVI1981 ( 51W / Marlton, NJ )


    I believe a first date should be a casual setting. Maybe going to get ice cream and then walking around the park, so we can talk and get to know each other. If that goes well, then we can make a date for dinner the next  more>>

  • DutchessofDuke ( 31W / Indianapolis, IN )


    Anything that isn't typical. I doubt walking on the beach is everyone's favorite datenight. I would love just talking. Communication is key.

  • bravedove ( 51W / Middletown, OH )


    It would be nice to meet at a public park, and we could walk around the lake, and feed the ducks, and sit and talk, and see if there is a connection. Within just a short time you will know whether or not there is anythin  more>>

  • leila35121 ( 26W / Oneonta, AL )


    My first date idea would have to be going hiking...

  • andy_sur72 ( 42M / Overland Park, Kansas )


    estaría bueno ir a tomar algo charlar y seguramente allí saldrá la oportunidad de seguir conociéndonos o no, eso lo decide el destino ..

  • catchthewave ( 45M / Moonbeam, ON )


    Perfect first date would be to meet in person, talk face to face, have a few good laughs, and have a great conversation.

  • Bampow ( 34M / London, England - London )


    toes twinkling in the sea, good conversation.....the sun on your back......................................... unddercover at hot maledot I guess first of first would be a conversation which is usually the way things evo  more>>

  • ladyfiara ( 27W / Appleton, WI )


    Maybe for a walk or something like that... Dinner and a movie is cliche and it doesn't really give you a chance to get to know someone seeing as at dinner you're stuffing your face, and at a movie you're silent watching  more>>

  • dannyv19 ( 30M / Gilroy, CA )


    My ideal first date is going out to a park, talking on the bleachers, going for a nature walk, maybe playing on the swings while getting to know one another. Then from there, if it goes well I would give her a nice massa  more>>

  • didounette ( 42M / clermont, Auvergne )


    voudriez vous faire de longues ballades en montagne ou en foret? degustez un bon repas fait ensemble ou que je vous aurez prepare? refaire le monde et en rire?

  • Flipflops1126 ( 43W / New Milford, NJ )


    A casual meeting place, so we can talk and be comfortable

  • sunshine676 ( 38W / Murfreesboro, TN )


    I'm open to suggestions. I would really like to do something where we could get to know each other and see if there is something there.

  • rudy0051 ( 42M / Winter Park, FL )


    My first dat would be spending time at the beach having dinner and just watching the sun go down and to share that is a great feeling to live another day.

  • Ricstarr ( 31M / La Mesa, CA )


    Going for a nice walk by the bay, and finish up with a nice dinner