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  • ironkitten ( 33W / Mesa, AZ )


    I guess I'm pretty easy when it comes to a first date I'd enjoy just about anything really as long as there was a connection and of course great conversation...

  • Mayapple74 ( 40W / North Springfield, VT )


    I'm disabled and have some limits as to things I can do anymore. A date would probably mean going out to dinner and a movie or something like that. I've been sort of reclusive due to my mobility issues, but if someone is  more>>

  • Breeze43 ( 56W / Boynton Beach, FL )


    A casual meeting that is inspired and agreed upon by the both of us.

  • MizzLizz ( 39W / Chalmette, LA )


    My perfect first date would consist of talking over dinner or wine, getting to know one another. Later we maybe take in a movie, play or concert. Hopefully it flows easily and you get my humor and I get yours. And we tal  more>>

  • gmandiza ( 48W / Kennesaw, GA )


    My ideal first date would be going to the Georgia Aquarium, watch how amazing the different types of water creatures live. Followed by some live jazz, conversation, and cocktails for two.

  • sweetasstrawberries ( 48W / Brantford, Ontario )


    I am all about making people feel comfortable and if we are serious and want to get to know each other then i want us to be comfortable in whatever setting we choose. I am open to suggestions, and i know how i want to fe  more>>

  • djacks2020 ( 36M / Roswell, GA )


    You tell me everyone is not the same!

  • vizion_blurd ( 39M / Fontana, CA )


    Catch a random live band Coffee Shop Stroll around the city (dwtn LA) Beach stroll Guess it all depends on your likes and the weather

  • azheat ( 50W / tempe, AZ )


    Would you like to join me for dinner and listen to some live music or go to a comedy club?

  • persia4853 ( 40W / Philadelphia, PA )


    a casual dinner or lunch a resturant