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  • Celomack ( 45M / Jacksonville, FL )


    How about we have a nice dinner date.Then take a nice walk on beach.

  • chillwill1986 ( 46M / Saint Louis, MO )


    Having dinner and chitchatting until the place closes.

  • Synergy2008 ( 60M / Winnipeg, MB )


    Something where we can talk, eye to eye, face to face, no pressure...people don't talk much these days...go for a walk, sidewalk cafe, stroll through the park, ice cream, latte...hand in hand if comfy.

  • geosource77 ( 60M / Vestavia Hills, AL )


    Dinner and conversation... followed by shopping and a nice walk. Church or other recreational activity would be nice. Sightseeing. Sharing personal values and expectations in relationships.

  • msbrownsugar ( 50W / Whittier, CA )


    Maybe dinner and a walk on the pier...

  • dipper1954 ( 60M / Gaston, OR )


    A day exploring the mountains, or beaches, taking in all the wonderful sights and watching nature unfold before us, giving us it's beauty, all its unexpected delights, tickling all our senses at the same time, like a fie  more>>