Performing Arts

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  • blueeyez2012 ( 43W / Tulsa, OK )


    A coffee shop, dinner or a musical. An outdoor concert event. A picnic in a scenic area.

  • forzaracernsx05 ( 29M / Parkton, MD )


    candlelit dinner and then cuddle on the couch

  • BiggerJoe ( 37M / Millington, TN )


    Do the do all day in different place whether we're watching a movie or having dinner, water, land or even the sky feeling good is all I know and all I'll do

  • Berns3010 ( 38W / Benoni, Gauteng )


    Coffee perhaps is a good idea ... then I'd be open to any suggestions.

  • prettyboy232001 ( 24M / Palmer Rapids, ON )


    my first date would be a casual coffe at mc donalds or timmys maybe go for a walk down town buy some flowers

  • BlaqueKat13 ( 50W / Liverpool, NY )


    I would love to have a great dinner, listen to a live band, dance a little (or a lot)......and have dessert in...

  • Ricdan ( 22M / Jermyn, PA )


    A dinner and a show of course :) a real women needs to be wined and dined

  • vivlennox ( 26W / Sydney, New South Wales )


    Seeing a film or a show, dinner and browsing a bookstore. Drinks if it goes well :)

  • hotstar ( 47M / Alameda, CA )


    Go to a nice restaurant for dinner, hopefully have a nice conversation to get to know each other. Have some nice dessert and coffee and then go for some live performance, preferably some theater.

  • Kaiser2002 ( 58M / Cairns, Queensland )


    A cruise around Sydney harbour then down to Melbourne for a show for starters

  • sksteve ( 34M / Etobicoke, ON )


    Anything goes. can't really say depends on the personality of the person and what mood i am in

  • sxxylady38 ( 41W / Dallas, GA )


    Visiting an art museum or seeing a concert

  • PING_22EAC503 ( 33M / Reston, VA )


    In this life, Happiness brings about laughter, laughter brings about long life span, I definitely would like to have a good laugh with my date, so we'd go to Comedy club or dinner theater playhouse.

  • Heroforhire88 ( 26M / Smyrna, GA )


    I'm up for just about anything, but there's just something so nice about a nice dinner and good conversation :)

  • Cindelicious218 ( 29W / Duluth, MN )


    I would love to have a quiet romantic dinner somewhere to get to know you first. Afterwards we could go out for laughs and drinks at a comedy club.