First Date Ideas

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  • wolfwoodsangel ( 31 / W / New London, WI )

    How about we grab a couple of drinks at a local place to see how things go.

  • Greatguyinva ( 45 / M / Mechanicsville, VA )

    Would love to grab a cup of coffee or beer and chat to see where things could go

  • 1andonlyPAT ( 35 / M / Red Oak, TX )

    As I stated, it's more about your personal enjoyment than mine. I am very easy going and can enjoy pretty much anything that we do. With me it's the company that's important, not so much the place.

  • Mann9000 ( 46 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    I'm looking to simply meet perhaps at a bar somewhere, and if all goes well then a few additional venues.

  • Latinojoey ( 51 / M / Australia )

    Well...I want to have fun and who knows...a drink or 2 and then a laugh and then.....

  • blackcatcanvas ( 39 / W / Fayetteville, NC )

    Anywhere or anything that make us both comfortable.

  • lonelyone46036 ( 33 / W / Elwood, IN )

    Have a drink or two, loosen up and just get to know each other on a real level

  • Beauty_for_ashes ( 61 / W / Gonzales, LA )

    I would like to meet for coffee or cold drinks to begin getting to know each other.

  • Withallmyheart ( 49 / W / Virginia Beach, VA )

    Not picky at all. We can discuss

  • Lunarbabe ( 45 / W / Oakland, CA )

    A casual first date where were get a little (not sloshed) socially lubricated can tell me a lot about a person. Make it a little easier to talk freely and openly. Plus we can have fun... that is what I want most.

  • iadmirerbbw69 ( 43 / M / quakershill, New South Wales )

    meet up for coffee or a drink and go from there

  • jamesdavid72 ( 45 / M / Trinity, TX )

    dinner drinks to get to know each other than who knows

  • di_elena ( 30 / W / Mexico, Baja California )

    go out for some drinks or coffee so we can chat and know each other better

  • Jonny1082 ( 37 / M / Oak Creek, WI )

    On the first date we can go out for a couple drinks or maybe the zoo or museum. The important thing to me would be you, and getting to know you....and letting you get to know me. I can have fun anywhere with someone I ca...  read more >>

  • Macifiliac85 ( 31 / M / Aurora, CO )

    I'd love to grab drinks after a movie or with dinner. Hell maybe even a nightcap.