Walking or Hiking My favorite date ideas

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  • Lusciousx3 ( 30 / W / Chicago, IL )

    The perfect first date would definitely have to be in a place that is quiet. I want to be able to hear every word you say. As long as we are enjoying each others company and the conversation is plentiful, it is a perfect  more>>

  • Nufflove ( 41 / W / Edmonton, AB )

    Take a nice walk in a park and have a picnic!

  • bluesfan23 ( 36 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    going for a hike or to the movies.

  • genuine64 ( 51 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Would be meeting over coffee to see if there is chemistry. If there is that we can take it from there. But if there is chemistry a great first date would be dinner and a walk on the beach or along a pier. Or dinner and w  more>>

  • jdmj123 ( 38 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Hmm somewhere where we can talk and get to knw each other. A walk around the park its a open choice

  • wildcat45 ( 33 / M / Shelbyville, KY )

    first date would be something simple like dinner, movie or a walk in the park its relaxing, healthy and gives u time to get to know the other person.

  • jaymw211 ( 35 / W / Akron, OH )

    walk in the park or go dinner ... do something where we get chance to talk

  • Ameyi19 ( 31 / W / Clive, IA )

    walking around the lake with the moon up high n bright

  • Malone77020 ( 48 / M / Houston, TX )

    II would like to spend a day at the park on my first date. I would check the weather to make sure the day would be pleasant that day. Where we would having a light lunch I’d packed and blanket to lay on and fill the ti  more>>

  • bd100966 ( 49 / W / Wilmington, NC )

    I love to walk the loop at Wrightsville beach...come walk with me..lets chat and get to know each other..

  • mew1962 ( 38 / W / Howell, MI )

    hanging out and getting to know each other. what they like and dislike.

  • ek2101 ( 31 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    Something simple- coffee, ice cream, a walk , etc.

  • RF1517 ( 25 / W / Hudson, IL )

    I would say maybe something dealing with the outdoors

  • Ilovebbws1990 ( 25 / M / Spring Valley, NY )

    Taking a nice long walk and after that going back to the house and relax getting to know each better.

  • codyjm ( 22 / M / Pacific, MO )

    Go to a nice restaurant and have a great meal then go to a movie or for a walk.