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  • dessertdelite ( 59 / W / La Quinta, CA )

    I'm a music lover, lets hear some live music.

  • sweetnative58 ( 57 / W / Crescent City, CA )

    Well to me first dates can be scary, cause both parties are nerovse as it is. So I think a first date is a nice dinner, then a movie or go some place where you can listen to music, and go from there.

  • PriceDarknight ( 40 / M / Clinton Township, MI )

    Not a coffee drinker but a relaxing slow paced hangout something like...

  • IndieFace ( 36 / M / Canton, OH )

    "How about a candlelight dinner and a nice walk on the beach".... one or the other sure but both and i'm pretty sure you're a serial killer. First date idea would be to get to know someone. Food, music, movie, squirt gun  more>>

  • KidV90 ( 25 / M / Southgate, MI )

    Romantic dinner, movie date, then end the night with some alone time at my place ;)

  • mschristina84 ( 31 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Having a nice dinner and getting to know one another. And then go to where there is live music playing.

  • blkguylondon ( 41 / M / Northolt, England - London )

    I first date would include the both is going out and robbin a sweety shop together 😃 Then dressing up as a Monk and a Nun, go to the most popular area in town and make passionately for the world to see and totally sho  more>>

  • dollbaby2001 ( 35 / W / Laurel, MD )

    Going out on a dating and back home for a candle light dinner

  • tillovecmsagain ( 33 / W / Salt Lake City, UT )

    My idea of a perfect first date would be for my match to pick me up. show up on time with roses in hand. take me out to a nice dinner where we can sit and get to know eachother a little.. then I would like him to surpriz  more>>

  • bigdave572000 ( 39 / M / Waldorf, MD )

    im a musician so i would take a women to one of my shows .. i play for a nice band not to wild were called the image band it would be real nice!!

  • n8vlady ( 34 / W / Hays, MT )

    i would love to go to a comedy club and laugh and have drinks followes by a nice dinner or walk to get to know each other and i hope i get a kiss goodnight:)

  • JDOUBLETROUBLE ( 24 / M / Ardmore, OK )

    Go with the flow of things.Go for a walk,talk,you know chit chat,

  • Jadetiger2000 ( 31 / W / Columbus, GA )

    I would like to go somwhere where we can talk and get to know each other. A park is fine. Movies/dinner is nice we can do that as well.

  • godlygirlnv ( 41 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    i think for a first day i would like to go to a jazz concert in the park, bring some picnic stuff along, some nice bottles of wine. This way we could enjoy music that isnt to loud to hear each other talk. to be honest, i  more>>

  • TommyGun1 ( 44 / M / Orangeburg, SC )

    Is what ever makes them comfortable and as long as it's safe.