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  • MAMABMICHELLE38 (44W/Saint Petersburg, FL)


    It really doesent matter what we do as long as we do it together. Day trips are fun. Fishing, sports, just to a park to talk.

  • bohemianbaby (34W/Bayamon)


    I think great first date would spending the day sight-seeing & then have nice private dinner. I think it would be nice date because it would give us the opportunity to get to know each other on a much deeper level, than  more>>

  • MsLisa00 (33W/Haines City, FL)


    Well i live 2 hours from any beach so i guess that would be out... going to dinner, or a movie, go bowling, play pool...

  • lipscovc (61M/Powhatano, VA)


    how about some sightseeing and a walk with nature.

  • ray1981 (33M/london, England - London)


    i would like to take you up to watch a play or musical in the theatre up london. we dyd meet up a few years ago but i was in a bad place. i am nearly 30 so i have done alot of growing up!!!!!! how have you been xxxxx. yo  more>>

  • kickink (51W/Newcastle-under-Lyme, STAFFORDSHIRE)


    A nice quiet meal, followed by a club or a wine bar. Other ideas are ten pin bowling, a day out at the zoo, safari park, warwick castle, Blackpool.

  • LeoLuv1 (35M/Killeen, TX)


    it all depends on the person, i like to surprise but if they have something in mind ill go for it, dinner and a movie, walk in the park, pincic, watever the mood brings

  • gatr766 (47W/Lincoln, DE)


    fishing, boardwalk, maybe hit a movie and lunch someplace.

  • angels_breath21 (33W/Denison, TX)


    I'm up for just about anything. I would just like for it to be spontaneous and fun.

  • LoveSpirit (44W/East Prairie, MO)


    Good question--it depends on the person, but in good weather a trip to the Zoo is always nice. If I am visiting Miami it would definitely be a cafe on Calle Ocho!

  • mclovin007 (47M/Los Angeles, CA)


    going for a walk...sightseeing. eating and drinking

  • Miss_Shakoor (28W/Charleston, SC)


    I've just moved to Charleston so I'd like to see the area a little bit more than I already have at this point.

  • seattleluvmonger (48M/SEATTLE, WA)


    maybe something casual, like a pub or...could always use good a cycling partner?.....something fun with now pressure involved

  • pharaoh99 (49W/West Linn, OR)


    The best first dates allow for lots of communication and eye contact. How about a cute outdoor coffee shop on a sunny day, or an impromptu drive to a pretty green place with water nearby..

  • Nani79 (35W/Bronx, NY)


    for me it would be a nice museum or art gallery talking and walking and looking at the art or history that these place have to offer