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  • CuddlyRose ( 55W / Perth, Western Australia )


    I think dinner by the ocean and a romantic walk would be nice

  • helleoun5 ( 26M / Hartford, CT )


    Where ever the day calls us a nice wlk threw the park or a nice view of the city while having dinner

  • Scienide72 ( 42M / Jacksonville, FL )


    I haven't dated many many times, but I feel more comfortable walking the beach or getting coffee, or some other low-stress ideas

  • tlc31707 ( 50W / Albany, GA )


    My first date would be somewhere like restuarant or park. Somewhere where we can talk and get to know each other. Then we can go from there.

  • apache_nailin ( 31W / Fort Apache, AZ )


    A movie or a walk around a lake.

  • Gothicscorpio ( 44M / Winnipeg, MB )


    going for a walk in the park in the evening nice quite walk

  • XDeeva ( 47W / Ft Mitchell, KY )


    To meet some where we can walk and chat and look at the sights, Maybe a Zoo or Aquarium or even a Flea market....

  • smb2115 ( 60W / Harrisburg, PA )


    How about Rita's and a walk by the river?

  • MaxxPro ( 44M / Colorado Springs, CO )


    Spend the day in the mountains followed by a nice dinner.

  • InkChopper ( 36M / Hayward, CA )


    this message is for RobinHagaman. not a paying member, so cant email you back. would love to talk and maybe even go for a long ride somewhere on my Harley, interested? you can reach me easier...... moto r _ i nk at yah o  more>>

  • miss2goodie1 ( 37W / Shreveport, LA )


    Just spending time in the park with a lunch getting to know each other better

  • RainahQueen1 ( 43W / Hemet, CA )


    surprise me take me some where we can talk and have fun at the same time.

  • aleigh ( 42W / Little Rock, AR )


    Hit either the Rivermarket area or check out the new bridge at Two Rivers park especially now that the weather is especially nice.

  • ROSY82 ( 32W / ..., Quintana Roo )


    A nice walking at night... a good chat... somewhere we can have fun ...

  • NerdyGuy ( 41M / Modesto, CA )


    WOW!!! This is REQUIRED now?!?!? Ok. This is a lot of pressure. I don't know if I can do it. If I'd been asked nicely that's one thing but I clicked next and then these intimidating red letters showed up on the top of th  more>>