First Date Ideas

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  • NOVABrute ( 35 / M / Fairfax, VA )

    Usually I pick an interactive eating environment for the first date. Maybe Japanese steakhouse, Korean barbecue, or the establishment needs to have something going on (Coffee house open mic nights, Karaoke, etc.) Needs t...  read more >>

  • lelastew ( 36 / W / Bronx, NY )

    Nice lounge,dinner maybe a movie.after a nice long see if our lips like each other...

  • lovebbws123 ( 59 / M / Harold, KY )

    Pick up early around 6, open doors for you and we would be wisked away to a nice candlelit dinner. Afterwards we could dancing or maybe a movie, afterwards maybe coffee and dessert. I then would take you home and end the...  read more >>

  • bellywatching ( 36 / M / London, England - London )

    all you can eat buffet....reckless indulgence...

  • BigAlD88 ( 43 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    I'm reaaly open to what happens on a first date, as long as it's fun. I like to laugh so a comedy club could work. Or if we "click" right away... we could have drinks and tell silly jokes to eachother :)

  • niceguydave ( 38 / M / Kitchener, ON )

    dinner and a movie plus going to other places along the way

  • troybritt ( 49 / M / Crossville, TN )

    We meet for coffee , then go on an adventure leading to a quiet , romantic dinner somewhere new but special ...Then possibly dance the night away !

  • 1chef1cook ( 48 / M / La Plata, MD )

    my first ideal date would be anice lunch or dinner then a movie an have a good conversation along the way.

  • jadetreasure70 ( 47 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    I would love to go either bowling or to a sports bar to watch a game and have a couple of beers and wings!

  • reneeva1000 ( 45 / W / Richmond, VA )

    Quiet dinner at a cozy little hideway Comedy club Concert

  • mzdeejp ( 52 / W / New Orleans, LA )

    I like quiet ,intimate dinners where I can converse with my date.

  • reachingout ( 50 / M / Parkersburg, WV )

    Dinner at the local wine guild and conversation in the park afterwards

  • Iuriki ( 31 / W / Austin, TX )

    Either a dinner and a movie or dinner and a show. I am very interested in the culinary field and love to go out and try new foods when i can.

  • mistyblu26 ( 59 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    I don't drive so let's do a movie and dinner. Now if you like to shop we can do the mall. lol

  • tubby55 ( 45 / M / Lakeport, CA )

    Someplace comfortable for both of us. A basket full of goodies, maybe a bottle of wine. A drive in the country. Heck, maybe a day at theshooting range would be fun. Dinner and a movie while cliche' are hard to beat.