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  • sweeter_than_honey ( 51W / melbourne, Victoria )


    the melbourne aquarium or the museum they are a good chat creator gives a first date something to talk about then maybe a few quite drinks at a local pub

  • cammy6 ( 44W / South Highlands, NC )


    Taking a cooking lesson. The tragedy of a failed soufflĂ© brings people together. Cruising some used bookstores and a light dinner afterwards. An afternoon of petting cats and dogs at the local pound. I once spent a grea  more>>

  • ilovebbws1966 ( 49M / Franklin, NJ )


    I'm visiting from out of state right now and would love to go to a museum or a park..Look for me on there and we can figure it out.

  • harpoon1 ( 44M / Kansas City, MO )


    a day outside fishing snd relaxing

  • msmoe ( 49W / Sacramento, CA )


    meet up at a museum and have lunch some where nearby and talk.

  • mamsone ( 50M / Wimbledon, England - London )


    a walk along the river, nice quite place for a meal...

  • hotbrowncurvygal ( 43W / Basingstoke, Hampshire )


    The day would start at the Tate Britain, followed by travelling by boat up the Thames to the Tate Modern, ending up in the bar with a nice bottle of red to watch the sun set over London,

  • nicebhm ( 60M / Hanover, PA )


    A long quite dinner at a very upscale restaurant that you choose. Discussion on whatever topics we choose.

  • guerotech ( 45M / San Diego, CA )


    Coffee Shop, Museum, Park, Bookstore, Mall

  • solosuga ( 50W / Ocala, FL )


    I believe in earning my man while I am learning my man so my first date would consist of a visit to a museum, picnic in the park and a long walk getting to know one another without time restraints or interruptions.

  • lisagayle ( 57W / Quitman, TX )


    first dates are awkward enough. Coffee and conversation is a great start.

  • tlo ( 52W / Hooks, TX )


    My first date idea would be to go on a Picnic at a nice park with a walking trail.So we can spend time talking and getting to know each other.We can in joy some finger food and wine, or something stronger if you like.

  • koolman02 ( 49M / Melbourne, Victoria )


    maybe at the galleries or at the museum.. or simply in the reference section of the library...